• It's her choice

    I believe if a woman wants to be a scientist, she can be a scientist. It is not society's choice whether a woman becomes a scientist or not. She gets the final say. For anybody to say that a woman is not smart enough to be a worker is prejudice and that is absurd. Get your minds out of the 1950's and into the 21st century!

  • A woman can do anything!!

    A woman can be who ever she wants to be. A woman is capable of anything on earth. So you can't compare women to men just because her gender. If a woman wants, she can take over the world. There are so many successful women on this earth that have worked very hard to get to the high position. I don't understand what's wrong with a women being a CEO if she can be anything? So clearly, a woman can be a CEO and nothing can stop her from being one.

  • Why the hell not?

    That's all I got. No really? There's no argument here. Why not? If you honestly think women shouldn't have rights to these types of things, then you agree with segregation with blacks and whites. It's the same thing because we're all people, with different private parts, sexual preferences, and skin color. Does it matter? No.

  • Women should have the right

    Women should be allowed to rise through the ranks of a company, just like men can. This question is not "phrased" in an anti-man way, no matter what fearful worriers like Forthelulz say. It's high time we had equal rights, but sexism still unfortunately exists, and we have to face it.

  • Women should compete for the posting.

    The way this question is phrased, it sounds like that men should stand aside and let a woman be a CEO regardless of what her actual capabilities are.
    Of course, you're attacking a mindset that literally does not exist in America save for the odd rural community that adopts that mindset out of pragmatism, in an attempt to make yourself look good, which means that you are a [censored] SJW. Ad hominem attacks may be dispensed below in lieu of an actual argument.

  • Everyone on the yes side is kinda dumb.

    Like all of you say, it's not about gender. It's about capabilities. A woman or a man is entitled to nothing. You want to be a CEO? Earn it. You can't just expect a high-paying job because you have a v@gin@ and your argument is equality? That's stupid. No one is entitled to anything. Nothing should be handed out just to make you feel good.

  • Um absolutely nut

    Female can never get a good job they r 2 dumb i think they need to get back to kitchen and feminist should really die i think tht they r all really dumbo dumbo dumbo dumbo dumbo dumbo hah hah hah hah ahhaah ahha sd f dsf d fg df g

  • I believe women should build there own companies...

    Women can be CEO's corporate leaders, a running large businesses that have mostly all been built from the ground up starting with a man's idea, product or service. I strongly believe women can be CEO's but would like to see lots of women starting their journeys to the top by starting at the bottom and building their corporation themselves, then running it. Not coming in after someone else has built the corporation on their idea, product or service. More women need to build these opportunities then run them.

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