• Equal, fair, equal

    Women can vote, yet they are not drafted. This is what's wrong with modern society. In this feminist society, women have shorter sentences, are treated nicer than men, and they complain about men having more power. Girls receive more attention in class and teachers often favor them (I am a middle school student). It's easy to criticize a masculinist, but it's impossible to say a word in dissent to even extreme feminists without being labeled as anti-women. Why can't we be equal, regardless of gender or race? What's up with stereotypes like "women can't handle the military" or outdated traditional values like "women stay at home to raise children"? Seriously, it's time we actually be fair and open our eyes.

  • True Equality

    I've seen girls scream that it is unfair for women to be excluded from direct combat, and then turn the other way and say that drafting should only be for men. If we want true equality in this society, women should be drafted as well as men. I would rather have both the good and bad parts of equality than chivalry but no independence. And I'm a 13-year old female!

  • Yes - You Have To Choose

    Women, as a collective, have to choose. Option A, achieve full and absolute equality with men. Option B, return to being pretty little flowers without any rights.

    The way it is now, women can have the power and the influence to declare war, but do not share the responsibility of fighting in it. Society as a whole values the lives of women more than those of men, and this is not acceptable.

  • Yes, equality between genders.

    It's simple, the Army is looking into putting women in combat jobs and sending them to combat schools. So why can't women be looked at for the draft as well? Even if this 'women in combat arms' experiment goes horribly wrong for some reason, there are plenty of other jobs that need to be filled. After 10 years in the military I can honestly say I have encountered some tough women, there is no reason that they should be separating the genders with the selective service system.

  • Real Equality

    There can be no picking and choosing when it comes to equality. When women were seen as inferior, sure men got paid better and things like that, but they were also subject to drafts. You think the men liked being dragged from their homes, families, and friends to their probable death? No. If women really want equality with men, they must take on ALL things that men get, positive and negative. They can not pick and choose

  • Yes Women Should Be Drafted

    If men are being drafted, women should be drafted as well. It's the only way to ensure equality among the sexes. There is no reason women should be seen as the weaker, frailer gender and a draft would go a long way to changing that perception in society. In wartime, if men are being drafted, women should be too.

  • You can vote me into war.

    There are countless military jobs, right on the front, that don't' require masculine levels of physical strength. Women can pilot helicopters, transport boats, operate weapon turrets, drive tanks, drive jeeps, pilot drones, perform air traffic control duties on aircraft carriers, etc.

    You have the ability to vote for war, you must now be subject to the same burdens of those who may vote against the war.

  • Sleep in the bed you made

    Women are all about equal rights and they fought to get into the military. But I don't think that it's equal rights until they can be drafted. You should carry the responsibility with the privilege. Now I actually don't believe that just as many women should be drafted as men because (not being sexist) women are not as strong physically or mentally as men.

  • It will setback and officially block feminism

    We live in a very sexist world where most industries tend to be male dominated. We are taught gender roles and children that play a large part in defining who we are in society. I am a feminist and believe in a world where their is no discrimination based on gender. A large argument against this discrimination is that it is just the way the world is and that if there are more men working someplace then they are probably just better at. I think that this is false, I think that in a truly equal world men and woman will be equally represented in all aspects of society. When the government officially condones sexism, and states that woman are better at certain thing because they are woman, and that men are better at certain things because hey are men, it disgusts me. We define woman to having to raise children, and men having to protect their family. The truth is that I know men who have zero ability to protect anyone, and woman who I can't imagine being mothers. If we as a society accepted these roles and believed, we will officially have set a roadblock on the steps to equality. If young boys and girls only saw men going to war they would immediately be subjected to gender roles and it would cause the next generation to perpetuate inequality. I think that feminism is the equality between men and woman and that the government discriminating will just set it back.

  • Equal Rights Equal Responsibility

    It is painfully clear that all neigh-sayers are painfully hypocritical. They demand that woman receive equal treatment and insist that women should be allowed in the military. However, they then go on to say that women make inferior soldiers to men and therefore should not be in the draft. Both cases cannot be true, if women are eligible to volunteer for the military than they must also be eligible for the draft.

  • No enough physical strength. Not a question of rights or intelligents.

    A woman cannot support a 50 lb back pack or staying in a position for a long period of time with men who will cuss and do other bodily functions. To be drafted, you will not fly helicopters or drive a tank . If you wanted to be treated equal, you will fight on the front lines and do all the dirty deeds that are expected of a man. If it is the wrong time of month for you, your smell and sweat let any man know this.
    I do not want to see my daughter, grandaughter, go thru this. No other country has females in there armies.

  • Chivalry

    A man's duty is to give his life for a woman, not the other way around. I recall "discussing" this in my high school government class. Immediately after the question was put to us, the ENTIRE CLASS screamed "No!" A particularly avid female in the class protested angrily that "men fight the wars and women stay home and raise the babies!" Her rant was quite amusing, and proved the point.

  • I am a woman...

    This makes me want to cry, I am not a fighter and I never once tried to join the military or be a man. I am woman, feminine, delicate, mother, and earned my rite of passage by giving birth as did your mothers. Infant formula is far inferior to breast milk which is a huge source of Ig-G antibodies. Women are typically not as strong of fighters either. And in a lot of ways, I think were tricked. Women wanted jobs, understandable, but what used to a man could support the family from his one job, both parents working two jobs cannot. But of course that is work sent overseas too..... But soldiers would want their life in my hands as I would probably scream and pass out if we were under attack in combat...

  • Think about this...

    Think of small infants being left at home. Where would they go if they have no living relatives? The orphanages would be crammed, and many women would be finding ways to get pregnant quickly. What would we do then? Draft pregnant women? Ridiculous! And what would we do to prevent that? Test every single female for pregnancy? That just seems insanely unaccepted in my mind.

  • Women being drafted is not smart.

    When it comes to woman fighting hand-to-hand combat their screwed...literally. Do people honestly think woman can fight against men? Sure there are those woman who are strong and can handle it, but those are only a few. They are having ALL woman be drafted which means the military will have strong girls, but they will also have girls who will be 4 ft. 11 inches and barely weigh more than 110 lbs, if they are lucky. As soon as a woman goes up against an enemy fighter they are dead or worse. If the enemy finds out there are woman on the field, not only are they going to take them captive, but you better believe they are going to be tortured and raped. While this does seem fair, it does not seem smart.

  • We are wired differently.

    Women and men are equal in many ways but we are just wired differently. It's just that plain and simple. We are more emotional. Not all of us can lift what a man can. We have tried for so long to be seen as an equal but on some levels we are not. We were designed differently to play different roles. If a women wants to join our military they should be allowed to. They should be allowed into any role that they qualify but they should not be drafted.

  • I am a women and i say no

    I think it is absolutely wonderful that women are in the military but, forcing women to be in the draft is not a good thing. I am a feminist and believe women can do anything a man can. But, lets be honest women have more of a responsibility when it comes to children. They carry the child, birth the child, and feed the child a man cannot do that. I am sure if this happened women with children would be exempt but lets be honest most women are not able to fight. I am all for women being in the military but forcing women, I don't think so.

  • Unnecessary and unrealistic.

    For every combat there are 12 people in the army who support him. Furthermore, there are 4 to 5 times more people who has to support the army from the base, in factories, services, and common jobs that has to be kept active even during the wartime. That being said we have to consider the ratio of male vs female who are qualified and willing to fight in the army. Just because a small group of women wants to be in a combat situation, it does not mean that all females are just as capable and are willing to go fight in war. I would say - from my personal experience - that the amount of the women who could be drafted are about third to quarter of the size of male candidates at most. Since the draft process is completely arbitrary, there would be equal number of women as men picked - meaning if we implement draft for women, we are going to have much more soldiers who are unqualified and are apathetic towards the war in general (as we already observed in WWI and II with some men). There are also needs for women to survive the wartime to maintain the country's ability to regain as many lost citizens as possible, but in general, I think the draft for women is completely unnecessary.

  • I'm a woman.

    I am a woman and do not agree with women being allowed to go in combat. Personally, I am too sensitive and cannot handle anyone in my face screaming at me because I cry. If I am forced to be drafted to go to combat, I will not be able to make it through basic. I am the type of person who would rather be killed than kill, so I would not make a good fighter. Not all women are like me, though, and some can handle it, but the majority of us can't. We should be only allowed to do nursing and behind the scenes work in the military, like WWII women. I would not only probably be killed if I went into combat, I would also most likely get others killed as well because I can't handle fighting and I never want to be in a position to kill, because I would choose to be killed. Taking a life just is not something I am willing to do.

  • No, because there should be NO draft.

    The draft is little more than slavery. The government should not force anyone to be a part of the military, especially since a large part of war is murder, which flies in the face of both law and common principles. Spreading the draft to both sexes won't improve anything. Yes, women should have to shoulder equal responsibilities with equal rights, but no one should be forced into the military.

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MattTheDreamer says2016-02-08T11:30:30.757
Honestly, we shouldn't have the draft at all, but since we do have it, men and women should both be drafted. So I'm not going to vote, because they shouldn't be drafted, but neither should men.