Should Women Be Enslaved to Benefit the Success of Men?

Asked by: litboij
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Men need all the support they can get to succeed. If every man had 1-2 women as slaves they could be more productive. The women could get their bags, Do the laundry, And do his shopping. If the man wishes they can make a child to multiply and replenish the earth. Men need to be more of a focus in this society so they can focus on new inventions, Cures to disease, And progressing the planet. How often does a women do any of that? Pretty much never. If we enslave them they will be able to give the support to the men that they need to benefit our world. If in 100 years we have a better world then sure they can have rights but as of now they are ruining the world and bringing down the empowerment of men.

  • Yeah. Women are worse at everything they do that men can do.

    When a man is kicked in the balls, He is hurt with pain equivalent to giving birth to the entire small area of uganda wa wa wa wa w aw a wa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • Whos mans is this?

    You are so silly litboij. Basically all i have to say is one thing to completely dismantle your argument. Trump. Our nations leader is singlehandedly the biggest women respecter in the world. Name any one person who respects women well, And i can name trump, Who is undoubtedly a better women respecter. Based on this, We must take trumps beautiful example of respecting women to do the same ourselves, And repect women just as much as trump does (but that will be very hard because of how much he respects women), So i disagreee with the fact that you want to enslave women. Instead, A simple solution would be to instead have tons and tons of children.

  • Why is this a question?

    Women have every right that a man does if she wishes to get a job other than becoming a slave to a man she has every right to. Not all women want to have children and some are not fertile it should not just be a mans choice to have a baby both parties should agree. If you want someone to get your laundry or do your shopping I suggest you do it yourself, But while your driving I hope you can see out your window without your windshield wipers invented by women wouldn't have those if women where slaves, And you'll have to do your'e own dishes without a dishwasher. If you make a mistake in writing at your important job you will just have to restart since liquid paper hasn't been invented yet and if you're cutting wood you won't be using a circular saw. Therefore if women where slaves you wouldn't have thousands of useful inventions would love to see you survive a day with women as slaves litboij.

  • What is wrong with you if you said yes?

    We aren't in 19th century anymore, Guys. Women are just as equal as men. Everyone is contributing to society, And one woman might make a thing that we use everyday!

    If anything, Men should encourage the growth of women. Nobody should be considered a slave, No matter their race, Religion, Or gender. It's downright stupid if you think the opposite gender should become a slave of any kind.

    If you think anybody should be a slave, You need some mental help.

  • This is a stupid question!

    This is not a good question at all I mean I just read a review of a yes and OMG HECK NO! That person is stupid he literally said that a man should have 1-2 women slaves and if he wishes that the women would be forced to have a child with him! WHY IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION! ?

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