• Who posted this?!

    Women are much tougher than men. Yeah, yeah, we as men can usually lift more weights...Blah blah blahhh!!!!!! But who cares. I've worked in a risky job since I was 18 and I've always admitted that women are better at it.

    Men, swallow your pride........We don't have to give birth and I'll admit defeat to that one, it looks painful!

  • Women are humans too.

    I've seen many people who think women are weak, too emotional and belong in the kitchen to make sandwiches for their husbands. Have any of you realised that there is no proper name for someone who supports masculinity. It's because women are considered a lesser human than men but men are never considered weaker than women. They are raised to rarely show emotions of sorrow or sadness, while women are taught that if they don't show enough emotions, they are heartless or unnatural. Society has made MANY incorrect stereotypes.

    For example: Women are likely to faint at the sight of blood.
    -What do you think they deal with every month?!
    Another one would be: Women can't withstand as much pain as men.
    -Have you heard of cramps?
    There is also: Women belong in the kitchen.
    -*Cough*That's where the knives are*Cough*. Plus, my sister can't cook (Shh, don't tell her I said that).
    Anyway, I think I made my point.

    Besides, scientifically, every man was once a woman. A female's chromosome is XX and a male's is XY. Before the baby is born, the X chromosome comes first, meaning you have a higher chance of being female. If the Y chromosome develops, you become male. Mainly the reason 66% of the population has women.

    I'm not gonna include any religious stuff here because I know how much that annoys others. So I hope you all understand what I mean.


  • What kind of a stupid question is that?!

    Of course women and men should be equal. We've only been fighting for that for the last 100 years. The common idea of gender roles has been proven to be psychologically damaging and bad for society. The fact is that some people are better and things than others (regardless of whether they are men or women) and if we don't allow women or men to do what they are personally best at then we are damaging the growth and potential of our own society.
    Patriarchal religion is to blame for gender roles and keeping society from progressing. For some bizarre reason men are afraid of women taking on any other role than lying on their back for sex or birthing children. I don't understand that. I feel that it shows that some men are just so insecure in themselves that they need to put other people down to feel better about themselves. Just because a woman can do something better than you can doesn't make you less of a man. There's tons of stuff that you can probably do better than a woman. So what? No gender is better than the other. We need both men and women and we need to stop putting both genders into a defined box. It's a disservice to everyone.

  • Equal, yes. If a favour in either way, towards girls.

    I don't think performance ought to decide how many rights you get, but if it is, I'd go with girls on this. They beat us in IQ, and physical strength isn't nearly as important as mental abilities in most modern situations. If it's performance based, girls should be above us. But I don't think it should be. I think the more important thing is that people are people, and boys are not necessarily worse than girls, just on average. So if it's all about performance, girls should be above us, but I think it shouldn't matter, and it should be equal for both genders.

  • They should be TREATED equally, if that's the question.

    Kind of a silly question, but for the most part, men and women should be treated equally. We are far from being biologically equal, but regarding legal and human rights, there should be no differences.

    And we are treated equally. The majority of one gender is not treated better than the other. However women are pretty pampered, lol.

  • Of course they should, but do they want too?

    North american women willingly turn their back on equality every day. They enjoy the privilege with in society that says a women is special, deserves special attention, care and rights. To have control and power over every aspect of life. When was the last time a women opposed the draft law, or stayed with the sinking ship, or fought the bear off and told the man to stay inside. Ain't going to happen.
    We could sit at the equality table and put it all on the table but their is no way women will accept all the negative parts of equality that they would need to take part in.

    Posted by: zoo
  • All eyes on me. Yes i know i said no.

    No because, if women are to be equal to men then we will have to dismiss all the social privilege that comes with being a female.

    For example, at the Olympic, women have to set the same time as men in order for them to qualify into any events. And frankly we know that will not happen.

    Second, the statue quo that women have too must be banished. For example, we men cannot hit a female because it's not right. Or the whole women's right movement, that too has got stop. Since everyone will be put on the same platform.
    Women league in any sport will be abandon, their will only be one league.

    An experiment was done to see how quickly people will react to someone stealing a bike. 97% of the time the female was help to steal the bike by strangers. 98% of the time the male was stopped by strangers.
    Why because of the statue quo female carry, they are more likely to get away with crime then male, in fact female do get away with crime more often then male, that is why statistic always show more men committing crime then female.

    This status quo too must be banished. Where people will treat female as they treat males, and view females as they view males, this is all part of equality.

  • Yes but no

    I only put no because I am anti-feminist, in regards to certain things, these liberals act like it is about equality, when it is about wanting female superiority. If you want equal then let's be equal. Be forced to sign up for selective service at age 18, don't be hired over a man to meet a quota for an employer, don't get custody of children majority of the time, don't get maternity leave at work, just pop the baby out and get back to the office. Men, especially "white men" are treated like second class citizens in this country, not woman!

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