Should women be forced into subservience by society?

Asked by: Silas-Gray
  • Everyone was happier and society was better.

    No one can argue that the fifties were a golden age for America, a robust economy, happy and healthy citizens, and minimal government intrusion. The only real difference is that women had voluntarily submitted to a homemaker role. Unfortunately this model didn't work for everyone, so a small minority led by Marxists decided to turn the system on its head. Not nearly seventy years later, can we honestly say that society is any better? Are people any happier? Is the economy any better? How about crime? Is it lower or higher? The answer to all these questions is unavoidable, equal rights between men and women destroyed society.

    Men and women, I implore you to do some soul searching and ask yourselves whether women's liberation has honestly done everything or even anything it promised to do. Then ask yourself what would make you happier. You may end up surprising yourself. If the answer upsets you, that's only because it's true.

  • No, women should be equal.

    If you say yes to this then you are supporting slavery and sexism. Women should be equal to men not servants just like men shouldn't be servants to women. Also you do realize that when we did make women slaves, the economy was horrible. Crime was at a high and it as basically a mini civil war.

  • It's a bit extreme but if it's the only way then yes

    Women should respect authority. Everything around us has hierarchy. The way i see it is that Women should respect, Serve and care for the husband. The husband should provide and care for the wife AND society. It's not that hard to think.

    If you still think that this is "Oppressive" then how about you sit down and think, Who's 'above' you? Get it? Someone or something is always above us and we're always under control of something. Whether that is your parent, Your president or nature itself [and/or god].

    Now this doesn't mean you need to be silent for your entire life. You can have an opinion and you can 'ask&reconcile' with your husband. A husband should at least listen to his wife's opinion. This doesn't mean that you will always get what you want but nagging and shouting at him won't do any better. Keep in mind that men will feel more inclined to accept if you respect them and speak softly.

    The reason why women are very sensitive over "Authority" these days is because they've never been in one to begin with. People rarely teach how to respect and serve these days. A spoiled child will remain a spoiled child unless something hits them hard.

    Obviously you can also continue to live in ignorance. But keep in mind that this has repercussion as well. The more the concept of 'Nuclear Family' is abandoned, The less population of the places that abandons these [Like most western countries]. And then places that DOESN'T abandon these will continue to breed more and replace them [like Middle East, Africa, And much of Asia]. . . I call it natural selection.

  • So thats about it, this pic illustrates a women being a servant, really.

    This picture, probably from around the 1940's, illustrates something a lot different than that of a poor women in this era of time.
    Lets see, she is warm, protected from the elements, healthy, clean, dressed, rested, capable of enjoying many modern enjoyments all with in easy reach. I did a search of men in the 1940's and found thousand of pic's of men fighting in the war. Dead in ditches, cold, miserable, starving, wet, cold, friends all around them dead and what we see as being in a "servant" position during this time is a poor helpless women in the kitchen.
    Really too bad north american women see it this way. Got news for you, My life as a wife and mother of those times was nothing of being a servant but being privileged. Maybe we should have been forced to endure years of death and suffering in the trenches before we complain of cooking in the kitchen.

    Posted by: zoo
  • I Wish Women Were Actually Women

    Feminism has made women in western society view immoral acts as moral. Look at Laci Green. The most mainstream feminist says that if a woman sleeps around, you shouldn't look down on her for it. Some feminists are for polygamy and open marriages. I don't agree with their ideological views. In short, 3rd wave feminism has destroyed morals of women. I believe that every human should be moral. Forcing a woman to be subservient to a man is not the way to be moral. It's the way to be horrible. If you don't like the women now a days and want a woman who will be like the women in the early 20th century, it isn't gonna happen. If you want an independent, nice, modern woman, it probably won't happen, either. However, you can do what I do and wait for a nice, caring, loving, independent woman while denying promiscuous women, it'll be a long but worthwhile wait.

  • How is this even a real argument?!?

    I cannot believe that in this day and age this argument is even having to be argued but since so many people debated for the opposing side I felt that I must put my point of view across for this side.
    READ THE QUESTION! Keyword being forced. Nobody should be forced into doing anything especially not being subservient to others just because society has told them to do so. Sure I mean if that particular woman (for a reason I will never quite understand) wanted to be subservient then that is acceptable but no woman should be forced into it, no human being should be forced into. Who are the opposition to say yes to this - are they men with stereotypical values that believe that women should be subservient? Or are they women that don't really mind being 'forced' into subservience. However it doesn't matter who the hell you are on the other side because there is still the underlying question : Why do you have the power to say that all women should be forced into being subservience?
    I don't understand it. Cooking and cleaning all day and for what - just to be weaker than men, worth less than men. Being told that somebody Else's life is worth more than your own.
    Someone argued that actually everyone was happier and that society was better but I would strongly disagree. Women had no power - end of. They couldn't vote, they could be beaten by a man and they were forced into arranged marriages to which their only use was to have children. Women couldn't speak up back then, that is why it might seem as though people were happier, but no - they weren't. It is only because women can speak up to society today that it seems as though it isn't happy but in actual fact we may not be happy but we are far better off than when women had to be subservient to men. It still happens around the world, girls being forced into marriages at the age of 5. This isn't right and should not be promoted as being right. Oh, and that argument saying that society was better, how could society be so much better if they were blinded to the issues that people in their communities were facing? The truth is that women were not similar to this photograph because women were not this happy about being a 'homemaker' , 'housewife', or a general slave that would cook and clean for the likes of men and their children. NOT ALL WOMEN WANT TO BE SUBSERVIENT TO MEN - just in case you didn't get the message the first time and society shouldn't force them to do so!

  • No one should be

    No one should be considered a servant or forced into servitude based on gender or anything(sex, race, class etc.) Women are human and deserve to be treated as such. Men shouldn't be forced into servitude either. By doing that we would be setting ourselves back. When women were "servants" they were considered less than or lower than men.

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