Should women be forced to view an ultrasound during abortion?

  • Yes, but not in cases of Rape and Incest

    If the abortion is elective and not the product of rape or incest, then the woman should see an ultrasound before having an abortion. While I can understand the concern that having the women see the ultrasound would purely be for shaming or degrading the woman, I believe the ultrasound is more for the woman to realize what exactly she is doing. Too often do you see women that treat abortions just like a trip to the dentist (unpleasant, but routine).

  • Only if requested by patient

    Would you want to be forced to relive a trauma that you endured prior to the ultrasound? I feel it is a partially malpractice and is partially personal invasion. I do not force anyone to anything they do not want to do so respect me enough to show the same consideration. I feel if you cannot do that than leave me alone and do not ever look my way again because I do not want anything to do with you.

  • It's obvious that it's wrong.

    What kind of sadistic creep would support forcing a woman to view an ultrasound during an abortion? To what end? To make her feel bad? To make her suffer for having one? Despicable either way. This is between the woman and the doctor. It's none of the State's or the misogynists' business.

  • Not Unless a Doctor Says So

    What happens between a person and their doctor should be at the discretion of the doctor and the patient. The government has no right to get involved in the health care choices people make privately. No woman should be forced to view an ultrasound for an abortion, it would serve no medical purpose, and is only for the purpose of shaming someone.

  • No

    Women getting an abortion should be able to keep their services private and just between the doctors and themselves. Forcing anything is a violation of a woman's privacy. Having this rule is clearly a manipulation by those against abortion. There is no medical reason for forcing a woman to view an ultrasound.

  • No, They Should Not

    A woman should not be forced to view an ultrasound if she is considering an abortion. The right to an abortion was plainly set out in the landmark Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade. To require a woman to view an ultrasound is simply an incremental effort to try to outlaw abortion entirely.

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