Should women be given 50% of the seats in Parliament?

  • Everyone are equal before the law

    They should get 50% seats in the parliament. So that they can express their feeling. To solve their problem there should be women members in the parliament to take care of these issues.It should not depend on caste, religion, gender, race, region. In my opinion this shoud be done for further no discrimination.

  • Freedom to vote.

    We should not give seats the a specific gender, race, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. We have the freedom to vote for who we want no matter the items listen previously. Creating a set amount of gender will lead to set amounts of the items listen above. We have the freedom to vote.

  • Only If Candidates Run

    Women should only get 50 percent of the seats in Parliament if enough voters approve of female candidates in the first place. Women can run for office just as much as men can. If voters choose a woman over a man, then females can get as many seats in Parliament as possible.

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