• They're creating a new life

    Women should be guaranteed paid maternity leave because they are not only taking care of themselves but now they are making a new life inside of them and now taking care of a new tiny little human being. This baby is incapable of taking care of themselves. In order for a mother to take care of their new child she needs to be financially stable and not be in a constant worry of money when already having to worry about a child.

  • Yes women should

    Women cant afford time off- they come in bad conditions and are leaving newborn at home to go to work. Paid maternity leave benefits the child, the mother, and the father- the whole family. Not spending time with your kids can result with them not having respect for you. Newborn babies need to be with their mothers, but mothers an't stay because they can't afford not being at work. Mothers shouldn't be constantly worried of money when they already have a baby to be worried about.

  • Who says pay needs to be equal?

    Just because someone wants paid leave doesn't mean it needs to be paid in full. Australia pays new mom's minimum wage. And although Australian minimum wage is ten dollars more than it is in America, even our meager seven dollar minimum wage is better than nothing. Also sometimes childbirth isn't a personal decision. Accidents happen, and abortion definitely isn't an option for many women.

  • Women's maternity leave

    Why is this even a question? The US is the only advanced economy that does not mandate a paid maternity leave. A women should have the right to stay home with her child after birth while keeping her job and income. Women have created the population and deserve more respect.

  • Welfare or maternity leave?

    For all those arguing that paid maternity is bad for the economy. Would you rather pay these females a percentage of their paychecks or have them go on welfare; using tax payers money and doing nothing. If you pay them a percentage of their paychecks for about 6 months; they will eventually come back to work with a higher morale and will work twice as hard. So what is the big deal? I would much rather pay them than have them be a burden on society (using welfare) when they are more than capable of working.

    For those of you saying no, you obviously don't have a family and don't realized the importance of having parent/baby bond time. Many of our new generation kids are growing up without their parents being present to teach important values. Hence, why we have so many trouble teens. Which later on become another burden on society by committing crimes and going to jail.

  • Yes, They Should Have Maternity Leave

    Employers need less reasons to fire people, not more of them. Discriminating against pregnant women is just wrong, and there are laws in place to protect expecting mothers. Instead of repealing those laws, there should be even more protections put into place. Typically, the people who try to deny women these rights are conservative men.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Paid maternity leave

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  • Everybody knows someone who could benefit

    Yes, women AND men should be guaranteed paid maternity/paternity leave. It should come from taxes, taken out of employee paychecks. It is a human rights issue for women, since many end up returning to work still bleeding and sore because they can't afford the time off. It would be better for the economy because businesses would not have to pay the leave time. An extended leave would benefit the mother, father, and child and could also benefit the employer more than a 12 week leave because there would be more time/money to hire a temp. A family not spending 1k or more a month on child care (we pay 3k for 2 in Seattle) while the mother/father take leave time have discretionary income to spend. Benefits for the economy, benefits for the family, benefits for the employer. Why is this even a debate?

  • Paid Leave? YES!

    Women should be paid when on maternity leave. Babies are expensive and she can't start supporting her child if she isn't getting paid for months. That can hurt a woman financially and it's not like they can stop having children. Most businesses already pay for maternity leave, we need all businesses to do that.
    WOMEN CANNOT STOP HAVING CHILDREN, it may be a choice for them to get pregnant and it may not have been a choice. No matter what someone has to get pregnant because the human race will die out if women aren't having children.

  • Yes yes yes

    A. The U.S is the only developed country that does not have paid parental leave or maternity leave.
    A. It is one of four countries in the entire world that doesn’t guarantee paid leave.
    B. New Jersey, Rhode Island, and California all have their own laws for paid maternity leave.
    C. It is unacceptable that the U.S lags behind the rest of the world on a simple family friendly legislation
    B. The more people get paid parental leave the more likely they are to come back to their jobs focused and ready to work (And we do mean parental, not just maternal)
    a. Employee feels more cared for and builds a stronger relationship with employee and employer
    b. Cost companies more money to train new employees
    C. We need to destroy the idea that people who are not parents are not responsible for the generations to come.
    B. This period of time is used to not only bond with child but also provide vital early care for child and recovery time for the mother.
    E. Cost of living is higher now than ever before. Unless you have an amazing job that pays enough, people generally can’t afford to stay home from work unpaid.
    F. It is not a woman’s rights issue, it is actually a human rights issue. Paid family leave covers family illnesses not just child birth.
    G. Instead of taking the money from middle and lower class to support this, we should tax the top 1% and use that.

  • Sorry but, men are men and women are women

    I'm a woman who believes that women are the nurturers, the ones who were designed to provide the care and love for the family while men go out and create their career (legacy). What enables men to do this, and to carry on the human race simultaneously, is having a woman who loves him and is a loving mother. For a woman to demand money for following the path that nature intended for her, and let's be honest 95% of working women will admit that they do want kids by their early thirties, is ludicrous and entitled. The financial stability for that child should already be predetermined by the father's job. Employers or the government or whoever is not responsible for a woman deciding to be a woman. It's just a sad fact that women these days are convinced that they are men (only excluding genitalia) but want to have their cake and eat it too, probably at the cost of other men because primarily men are the ones dedicated enough to own these businesses in the first place.

  • Having Children is a Choice, Not a Right

    So if you want to have children, good for you. But people without children already subsidize other people's children in so many ways--especially via exemptions and a very large number of deductions on income taxes for children. If you can't afford to have children, then you shouldn't have them. And until Women start requiring the Men who father their children to support those children 50% (not 49%), I have no sympathy for them. Maternity leave is simply a way to excuse bad behavior by Men.

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  • There needs to be equality in the workplace.

    Giving women paid maternity leave is a privilege. Thus, that creates inequality in the workplace. If both genders are given this right then alright.
    Feel free to do so.
    Though, as long as only women have this right, this privilege, I am against this as this in itself is a privilege.

  • Equal Pay for Unequal Time Off

    You chose (at least I hope) to get pregnant. You had X years to plan it, and at least 8 months to plan for the actual event. I do think you should stay home and bond with your child. I don't think so many weeks is enough time. I'd think several years would be best!

    Unfortunately, we have two problems here:

    1) We do a horrible job of maintaining the single-income family model.

    2) We have a lot of Baby Boomer ego when it comes to family and career. "I want kids!" followed by, "I want to make money!"

    It seems to me that if you want to have your kids and eat them too--wait, I meant cake, not kids--then you should have to deal with it. You should have to make the compromises. If that means putting your career on hold, so be it. If that means spending less time with baby, so be it.

    What we should really focus on here is YOU. Why can't YOU save money for X years to prepare for YOUR kid so you can afford to take the time off YOU want after it's born?

    I realize unplanned pregnancies happen, but if you're doing things that get people pregnant, shouldn't YOU be taking steps to handle that issue when it comes up?

    I also realize that we do a poor job of giving people time off in this country. So, if we do adopt some type of plan that grants people huge amounts of time off, it shouldn't be for this or that reason. It should be for whatever reason. Then the outcome would be balanced.

    But regardless of that, if you're putting yourself in the position to have a kid, you should be taking steps to deal with that kid when it's born. I fully support people who want to stay at home with their kids in order to tend to raising their family, but I don't think it's reasonable to demand special rights just because you had a kid.

    If you can't make the compromises needed to raise your kid, perhaps you shouldn't be a parent.

    Sincerely yours,

    A Latchkey Kid

    Posted by: Jyo
  • Choices have consequences

    Reproducing is a normal and natural biological function. So if people what to have children, that is great, so long as it does not impact any one else. A lot of women and (probably some men too) will say that women do deserve maternity leave and other special privileges, because of their ability to have children, and that without them, none of us would be born. I am so sick of that rationality, because they conveniently forget that for them to have children, a man had to be involved. So one could say, that without men, none of us would exist either. But I digress. Having children is a personal lifestyle choice, and businesses should not have to fund other peoples choices. What about people who get addicted to drugs and alcohol? Should an employer have to pay for an employee's rehab for said drugs and alcohol addiction, even though it was their lifestyles choice (albeit poor choices) that go them where they are. Typical female privilege, when will it end?

  • We need other ways to help these women

    We definitely should have maternity leave for women, but it should not be paid. This issue is between ethics and economics. If we pay women who are not working, hold their positions, and end up paying even more to workers to make up for the lost work- our costs simply accumulate. This becomes a lack of motivation for the employers to hire women. If the amount of revenue is much less than the expenses, what is the point of hiring women anyways?

    Small businesses who cannot afford loss of labor and money at this stage will also experience a great detriment in their businesses. If we force them to pay for maternity leaves, then they can easily go bankrupt. This would destabilize our economy, only supporting the huge businesses of the nation.

    Even though we are one of the two industrializes countries that does not offer paid maternity leave, many people say that we are behind in the world; this is the opposite. In these countries where paid maternity leave is offered, women are less likely to achieve career-oriented goals. In fact, more American women hold managerial or executive positions than women in countries that do offer paid maternity leave.

    I propose we find other ways for women to support themselves during a maternity leave, that is not paid. We fund for their living and compensate them through NGOs or other types of organizations rather than force companies to paid these women who are not even working.

    I'm not being a male chauvinist, I am merely trying to explain how economically paying women during their maternity leave is not compatible.

  • Too Much Socialism

    Paying women (or men) to reproduce is not fair to people who do not have or plan to have any children. To the contrary, people who choose not to reproduce and to have their genetic legacy stamped out for all eternity, are the ones who should be rewarded for making such an eternal sacrifice.

  • More Feministi Tripe

    No employer should be forced to pay someone to not work for them. Its absurd that so many countries pay women to stay home for several months and collect a paycheck. Made worse, employers are usually forced to hire a temp to replace the woman on leave, so they are actually paying two people for one job. Absurd female privilege strikes again.

  • Why pay people for work not being done?

    When people join a company, they make an agreement that they will work for the company in exchange for money. If a woman is on maternity leave, she is not working. Therefore, she should not receive the company's money. Ultimately, she is the one deciding to have the child; the company did not force her to do so. People should accept that having a child has consequences.

    If making paid maternity leave becomes absolutely necessary, as an employer, I would never hire a woman because I simply don't want to pay someone not to do work. I believe men and women are equally capable of performing a job and I believe that they should only be paid if they are doing that job.

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