• let them fight

    Woman should be a allowed in combat just as much as men. If a woman want to fight on the front lines to defend her country, she should be able to. We thought that women just being in the military would ruin it and it hasn't. Let them fight if they want to.

  • Absolutely if they want to.

    As long as they can be held up to same standards as men, and they qualify and can hold up their share, they should be allowed to. They must have no special treatment, no hormones or sensitivity or emotions have their place on the battlefield and they must look and dress exactly the same as a man. Same haircuts even because there is no such thing as gender on the battlefield. If they want to act and be like a man doing what a man does, they must look like one.

  • I think so, too

    In nowadays women and men stand on equalization, what men do women can. In combat lot of women can stand in front line bravely, joint side by side with men. In my country Laos during to the war women had so many role for transporting food and the important equipment at front line, some of them were spies with foe.

  • Women should be allowed in combat

    Yes women should be allowed in combat. I am a sister of a man in combat and he said that it would be a splendid idea for women to be in combat. They are strategically way smarter than men. The women who want to fight in combat are very smart and the people who think that they shouldn't would be very surprised when people don't take their sides.

  • Yes, women have already proven themselves in combat, therefore they should be allowed to continue to help their country in this capacity.

    Recently the U.S. Marine Corps instituted a regulation stating that women should do at least three pull-ups like their male counterparts. If the Marine Corps did not believe that women are capable of this task then they would not have instituted the new minimum requirement. The new minimum pull-up guideline is meant to prepare and make sure that women are physically fit to perform combat duty.

  • Yes

    I think that if a women wants to fight then go for it. I would never do it. But there is a lot of women that love serving for their county and I have them a lot of credit for that. If women are willing to fight let them then can be just as good as the men.

  • I don't see why not!

    I would never do it, but I think there are plenty of women out there who are just as strong, if not stronger than certain men. I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to get out there and defend their country. We are all capable of amazing, special things.

  • Yes, why not?

    Why shouldn't women be in combat if they want to be? Being in combat isn't for everyone, but if a woman wants to join and serve, then good for her! I believe women can be as strong as men, and they should have the right to make their own decisions. If they feel as if they are not strong enough, then they shouldn't sign up. But if they are up for it, why not?

  • They can't, physically.

    Actual hands on combat is not some joke to be toyed around with political correctness. There are physical and emotional differences between men and women that enable men to be more powerful fighters. It's the biology of people, and that's the way it is. Women don't have as much physical strength as men- their muscles are not as developed as men due to much lower testosterone levels, hence why women tend to weigh less and also prohibits them from carrying 100+ lbs of weight when running several miles nonstop.
    There is a way for everyone to serve their country, but it has its limits and nature doesn't make women capable of serving in infantry.

  • let them if they want to

    This is the most ignorant statement ever as far as this topic goes. I had a woman today tell me "if they want to let them". Incompetent says it all. It is not that simple to just let a woman serve side by side with my fellow grunts. I personally would not have gone overseas if I was to rely on a woman to look out for me. Aside from the lower standard of physical fitness, that WOMEN requested because they couldn't perform to male standards. It's a risk factor, this is war. At that Marines, this isn't a political game to toy with. The Marines are the most recognized military force world wide. If not the smallest damn near close to the smallest and still the strongest. Now you want to throw women into the equation. Your realistically adding minimum 20 plus factors we have to account for with a woman over there doing what we do and being prepared for anything at any time.
    Why add more difficulty to our Marines trying to survive in country?

  • No.

    In USMC Boot Camp, women have to do mostly the same requirements as the men. That is boot camp. Going into infantry is a completely different experience. I don't believe that a woman can make it through SOI(School of Infantry), or the non stop training that comes after it. If you have a marine out there who can't do what they need to do, it endangers the entire unit. Until they show me that women can survive fighting against actual men in hand to hand wrestling, right after doing a several mile run non stop (This is done several times back to back), like the infantry men have to do, I'm going to say no. Because you're going to be fighting against men in warfare. Not targets.

  • No

    I will preface my response by saying that I don't believe anyone should be in combat. In this world we live in I recognize that is impossible, however I cannot vote yes on this question. The taking of another human life, in any context, is an atrocity. So should women be allowed to sign up for combat in this world? Yes, everyone should have the same rights. However no one should have to fight in a war.

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