• Women are way better and capable than men it is a fact :-)))))))))))) why they shouldn't be in the military?

    Women are better than men in most of things
    1- In beauty
    2- In intelligence
    3- In leadership
    4- Raring an Adam out of these nonsense men!
    5- Above all, we can fight way better than men, men just haven't had this chance that women kick their ass, women just wanted to be nice with them they thought that women haven't this ability to be hostile or aggressive.

  • We're just as good as men.

    I am as physically capable as most men, and more so intellectually. I don't see why I should be excluded from my chosen career path. Plus, women have been serving on the front lines since as early as WWI, and probably earlier. They just haven't been recognized for what they've done.

  • Don't Tell me what I can't do!

    Hey you guys. I am a 5’8, 130lb, 22 year old girl, and I can currently exceed the military strength and running requirements for male combat units. I have no intention of joining the military, and I am in no way claiming that I know what it takes to make it on the front lines. But I also know that if it was something I wanted to do, my strength wouldn't be an issue.
    I’m sick hearing men claim women can’t cut it. It’s very insulting to be so underestimated. Nothing infuriates me more than someone telling me I can’t do something that I already know I can do. If there are tests in place to ensure only qualified candidates get the job, and a woman passes that test. That woman is qualified for the job, just like all the men. This does not lower standards of these groups. It simply broadens the applicant pool.
    People used to claim women weren't cutout for the stresses of being a doctor. People also used to say that women in executive positions were disruptive to the male work place dynamic.... (sound familiar?) Women managed to do just fine in those fields despite the initial skepticism. (note statistic on 47% of 2011 medical students being women)
    This is just America's next step in forming a more equal society. The military has risen above discrimination based on skin color, sexual orientation, and now gender. I can’t wait until some of you in the “no” columns explain your point of view to the next generations. They’re going to look at you the same way as I look at my grandpa when he tells me something racist.

    Luckily for me, I won't have to go storming to the nearest recruitment center to prove my point. There are already plenty of awesome women in the military who are going to do it for me.

    Have fun ladies!

  • Yes.

    They can if they want to. They shouldn't be drafted though.

  • Absolutely should be in the military.

    Sure, I don't see why cannot women cannot serve in the military. In a basic nutshell men are stronger and hardier.

    Women are naturally faster and more flexible. They should be given roles in military based on what is best for the gender. For example Recon, Covert Ops. Anything that requires speed and finesse. Women would excel at that naturally better than men.

    HOWEVER, women should be given a chance at any profession in the military. Should they fail at what they attempted they should be try what I suggested above.

    There is no shame at all that some women cannot do some things that men can do. I am strong believer of giving everyone a chance. After all we are only human.

  • Women in the military

    Brigadier Nicky Moffat was Britains first general and this year 14.5 percent of all active duty in the military and women have worked to hard to keep this country safe and till this day because of women we can live a safe life at home and women have worked in the military since 1900-2012 and 14000 women in the navy and 60000 Army women were in the war against the Japanese.

  • W Women are just as strong as men

    Diamonds, like women, are pretty. But they have another awesome property which is that they are hard and strong. Many people just consider that women are only good if they have the looks but few actually considered that women are good if they are strong. Just throw diamonds at enemies, see if they fall. It is stereotyping that women are naturally weaker than men. It is because we are born into this society that females grow up to think that they are not as strong and army is tough. Well, of course army is tough, you cannot expect it to be easy right? But if men can do it, women can too. Talk about equality...

  • Girls In Combat

    I think girls should be able to go in to the military. I think they shouldn't have the same rights as guys because if they get captured people can do horrible things to girls rather than what they can do with guys such as rape, beating and used as servants.

  • Women are equal to men and should be given chance

    Women are as physically capable as most men, and more so intellectually. I don't see why women should be excluded from my chosen career path.
    Women are naturally faster and more flexible. They should be given roles in military based on what is best for the gender.
    There is no shame at all that some women cannot do some things that men can do.

  • Women are equal

    We are in the usa to be treated equally. Women deserve to be treated the same because we can,will,want to serve our country.! Women are strong willed and should not be undermined by men. If women want to serve there country they should be able to, this ^is saying that women should not be limited after we where promised equality.

  • No Women in Military

    I believe that society is trying to make one gender. Like there are no differences between genders. There are certain things not made for women and the military is one of them. Like men cannot have babies, its ok, society will survive if certain things are for certain genders.

  • No,women should not be encouraged to be the part of military

    Women play very crucial roles in our society. As we know, men are more powerful than women physically, they can tolerate more stress and strain. Women have duties for our society. If most of the women will become part of the armed forces then who will look after the home? Children? Women should be encouraged to choose a profession based on their interests but not at the cost of their social duties.

  • It doesn't seem right

    I don't think it would be a good idea. As everybody else said, men are designed to protect women, and I personally dont believe women are designed for the military or combat. Honestly, and this is not a sexist thing, I dont think I would trust a woman next to me in combat as much as I would a man to watch my back and make sacrifices. I also think it would affect the cohesiveness of squads.

  • No!

    It is a man's role to look out for others and to have courage and bravery. Things which are built into their very DNA. How could one be effective in protecting the country when he must also be keeping a lady safe? Men are raised to look out for others who are not as physically or mentally able. Women in combat would be an unnecessary danger to their's and the men's lives.

  • Lack of Strength

    Despite women being strong, they will have to endure a pain and suffering known as war. It will take a long time to adjust mentally as well as physically. The mental aspect of war is difficult because you have to adjust to killing people you don't know for a bigger cause. War is hell. Can a female endure hell on Earth.

  • Women don't belong in the military

    I'm a girl and I don't believe women have the emotional strength to deal with what they will see out there.
    Women risk being raped and beaten. I'm really tired of hearing other women complain about how they don't feel as equal as men, like women only make 77 cents out of every dollar a man makes or we need to break through that glass ceiling. STOP COMPLAINING! Women and men have different strengths and different places they belong in the world and women don't belong in the military.

  • Nobody should be allow to serve in the military.

    Men, nor women should serve in the military. Nobody should serve. These wars are for geoeconomic and geopolitical power, they are not for freedom or helping others. We need wage a peaceful mutiny against the 0.01% who are benefiting tremendously from war exploits. End war, begin peace, don't let anyone enlist in the military.

  • Creates added stress for men.

    Personally, having a girl in my squad would be too stressful because one of my big focuses is keeping that girl safe. That is how most boys are raised. Our mammas told us to keep girls safe. Also, some stuff we can't do because there is a girl around.

  • No, women are not strong enough.

    Some uniforms, used in the military, weight up to 60 pounds! I am not saying women aren't strong, but they aren't strong enough. What if one of her fellow soldiers fell down and she was the only one around to save him. He weighs 200 pounds but with the 60 pounds worth of uniform...260 pounds. Say she weighs 190 pounds with her uniforms on. Will she be able to lift his weight plus the extra 120 pounds of uniform? I really don't think she can.

  • Sexual Assault in the Military.

    Sexual assault of military women while in a war zone is surprisingly common, according to new research by the Department of Veterans Affairs. In a new study, around half of women deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan reported being sexual harassed, and one-quarter said they were sexually assaulted, U.S.A Today reports. Researchers contacted 1,100 women who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and asked them questions about sexual assaults and harassment while deployed. Among the findings, sexual assaults -- including rape -- were reported by 22.8 percent of women. The anonymous surveys also showed that 48.6 percent of women said they had experienced sexual harassment while in a war zone. Most of the women said the offenders were other service-members, and in a little less than half the cases, the offender held a higher rank. Sexual assault in the military has been in the spotlight over the past year. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been outspoken about the problem, calling the military's record on prosecuting assaults an "outrage."

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Anonymous says2013-03-01T14:08:25.467
yes they should, the more soldiers the more protection
Anonymous says2013-06-29T06:39:29.507
The whole sexism argument is all over the place, mostly because most people don't know how to define equality. Treating a woman the same way as you treat a man is supposedly considered "equal", yet there stands the very convincing argument that the physical differences between the two genders render completely blind equality to be unjust. Women are built differently than men, and to say that a woman should have the same responsibility as a man, is to say (if you stretch it a bit) that a man should be giving birth to children. Now whether that means that a woman is physically unsuited for combat or not is up to the military officials/higher ups to decide, but to completely disregard the VAST differences between the two genders is rather...Narrow minded. However the argument of a. Sexual harassment-is purely offensive or b. Emotionally unstable-factually incorrect. The first because it places the victim as the perpetrator and the blame seems to land on the fact that a man is supposedly unable to control his hormonal urges and the woman is somehow placing herself as the object of temptation-which I can't imagine sits well with anyone. The second because there is a lack of substantial evidence proving women to be emotionally unstable. But there are some hard facts such as the fact that the average woman is weaker than the average man in America which can have an affect on the effectiveness of women in combat.
So until society can define what equality should be for two types of people who are born with very different anatomies and capabilities, discussing the effectiveness of women is premature.
(Oh and I saw one argument saying that we needed to protect women because they have to bear the children of the future... Which...Would only work if we were back in the days of Colonial America and the ratio of men to women was skewed. Not to mention that we have close to 7 billion people on an over-crowded earth. Having a stabilizing population (instead of an exponentially increasing one) in the future would not be all that bad, now would it?)
PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-22T00:14:56.863
YOU GO LADIES!! Thank you for doing a great service for our country. We couldn't have done it with out you. More women should join. Joining the military isn't a makes duty. If a man were to get held captive they would get tortured too! They could have their dicks slaughtered. Women can pass the test. I don't care about the gender. The only thing that matters is that the person who is fighting in combat passed their test. That's what matters!