• Women should be in the workforce

    Women should be in the workforce. This is because of the fact that women are just as useful as men in working jobs. If we were to have women not working, we would be neglecting over half of the population jobs that could be filled, and this would dampen the productivity of the human race.

  • Cooking and cleaning are not womens jobs!

    Women are liberated and there is everything wrong with being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen! It's immoral, pathetic, dishonorable, degrading, disgraceful, and everything negative. Back then woken were forced to do those things cuz we WERNT given rights. Just like blacks had to pick cotton. Women must work and bring home money to pay for the bills. The mother has to be a strong, independent role model that teaches her kids how to take care of themselves and not leech off of anyone. Fathers can stay home, it's not the mothers job. Both parents have to commit to taking care of their child and no not just by working. Women never should be shackled to the kitchen. The womens movement started for a reason! We were miserable!! Now we can be liberated like everyone else and no one should say we should go back to that hell hole

  • Women are people too

    It's unfair to make women stay home and never let them have an opportunity to make something of themselves. Otherwise God wouldn't have given them talents and abilities. It's not just the woman's responsibility to raise children as the men also brought them into this world. Women deserve jobs too.

  • Yes, women should be in the workforce.

    Women have been in the workforce for many years, in various professions, such as teaching. It became even more prevalent in the United States during the Industrial Revolution and World War II, when there were a lot of jobs and, as was the case in World War II, not enough men to fill them. There's really no valid reason women shouldn't be in the workforce. Just like men, they need to make a living.

  • Yes, they are contributors.

    Yes, women should be in the workforce, because they have a lot of good ideas and they make the workforce a better place. Women also need to earn a living. It is unfair to expect women to depend on men. Women are just as smart and can do just as well if given the chance.

  • Its a little too late for this question

    Yes, women are already a phenomenal part of the workforce at this time. If all of them were removed by organizations may fail. Women are CEOs, CFOs, managers, and general employees and have earned their right to work and make a living. There some professions that I think women are physically suited for, but for the most part we all equal.

  • Women Need To Work

    I believe women should be in the workforce. In America, it takes two incomes just to make ends meet, so women working in the world is absolutely required at this point. Most families can't make it on a single salary and excluding women from the workforce would bring the economy to a screeching halt.

  • Women should be in the workforce

    Women should be in the workforce as equally as men. Women have more than probe their value as employees and their abilities and there is no case to be made for keeping them out. Even if women want to stay home when they have children, that is just a fraction of their productive working years. Keeping them out serves no purpose.

  • Yes Women's Should Work.

    Because all have equal rights and if womens work they become self reliant, Their point of view for life changes, She becomes a role model for others, There are many more reasons why a women should one of the important thing a married working women should keep in mind that her husband is also working or else the husband will start taking advantage of her and stop working

    A reason written by a 13 years old boy. . . . . . Like if u agree with my reasons

  • Women are independent

    Women can take care of themselves. If they can endure a pain so great (childbirth) then why can't they work and support themselves and their family? Their self-worth is not measured by if they are married or the amount of children they conceive. And it is certainly not measured by how feminine or masculine you are. Everyone is their own person.

  • Only if they are single or barren.

    Women should stay at home with their children. The work of a woman involves cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, and taking care of their man. If men are doing the job their job correctly they are bringing enough money in that it is not necessary for their wife to work. Women have the most important job in the world. It is their responsibility to bring up the next generation of people. There is nothing wrong with remaining barefoot and pregnant. There would be far less divorce if women remembered their role.

  • How’s it working?

    How has the introduction of women in the workforce effected our society culturally? Any metric used will show some correlative evidence for positive or negative inference e. G. Divorce rates, Abortion rates, Depression rates, Polls on “female happiness. ” If it seems to be working flawlessly then hurrah! However one should research these things before casting a Post Morten on this kind of colossal cultural decision.

  • No, women should not be in the workforce

    It all started around wwII times when all the men where drafted to support this great country called Merica, and there where jobs that where needed to be done. So the women took advantage. If I was a girl I would have LOVED to be at home doing nothing but cooking, taking care of the kids, and playing with the dog. And last thing is that women are taking up all of the men's jobs how many homeless women do you see on the street. Then compare that number to the number of homeless men on the street.

  • Women were already doing the most important work, feminism was a lie that hasn't gone well

    Why when a man decides to stay home with the kids is he revered and told what a super guy he is, but when a woman chooses to stay home she's considered lesser than 'working' women? Women carry babies in their wombs, breastfeed babies, or were designed to do so, and have a loving maternal instinct that men don't have. Men on the other hand don't carry babies in the womb or breastfeed, allowing them to leave the home and care for mother and child/ren while the mother who does have the breasts after all, can feed and care for her baby. Everyone wants to tell women the 'most important job' is being a mother, but they don't live that. Putting your kids over to a daycare and heading to the office does not equate with kids being the most important thing a mother does. If men are kind and loving and support their wives financially and emotionally why do women WANT to leave their home and go to 'work'? I understand single mother have to work, however, there was a time when even divorced women were cared for by alimony and child support. Thanks for feminism now divorced women end up working and paying alimony to men. Great job feminism. Thanks!!

  • Women are doing the jobs that men should be doing

    Why are people so stupid? Its obvious women should not work, they are the sole reason why there is no work in the world, if all the women did not work there would be exactly enough jobs for all the men, then you women can select your man out of the bunch, but have it your way, you work and look like a man, drive trucks, bring home the money, you have billions of jobless men around, its up to you. God us men should never have let you stupid women work in the first place, we are the deciders, you are feminine, so be feminine!

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