• In some cases yes

    If a women plays a major part in the miscarriage, like for example if she smokes takes drugs and drinks alcohol yes.
    I understand there are some events when miscarriages just happen.
    But if a women induces this by reckless behavior then yes she should have to pay the price for that.
    But if she had no part in it and if she did the right thing for her baby's health then no way in hells name she should be jailed for it.

  • Boii i i

    This is adumb question
    Granted, they have been willingly harmed, but that doesn’t lessen the impact. People with limited resources have been lured into wasting some of those resources on a government shell game. Just because the lotteries have been with us for decades doesn’t mean we should begin to view them as harmless.

  • Miscarriages aren't murder

    In the majority of cases, miscarriages occur because of a malformation of the foetus. Saying that miscarriages should be condemned would be like condemning a person for not being physically capable of having a child. That's just not okay.
    That said, there are times where a woman does something that causes the foetus to be miscarried. Despite that being similar in nature to an abortion, perhaps it's better that the woman did not give birth to that child anyway. The drugs that caused her to miscarry could have had a negative effect on the child if it had been born. Even if the child was born healthy, if the woman raised the child in that environment it could grow up having other issues.
    Essentially, a miscarriage is either a sad stroke of misfortune or a red flag being thrown that the woman shouldn't be able to have a child.

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