Should women be jailed for 'tampering with evidence' for having abortions after rape?

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  • No just keep a sample of the DNA

    Keep a sample of the DNA. Furthermore DNA itself does not prove she was raped and didn't consent. In many rape cases the question is not did they have sex it's did she consent. They will examine the person's body for signs of trauma and struggle. This can get complicated when it's claimed that she consented to a night of rough BDSM sex.

  • This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard

    If children from rape are evidence, why can't the victims of crime be evidence? If people jail women who were raped and then had an abortion, then maybe we should just keep all of the rape babies in an evidence locker! And these women got raped, why should they have to have their rapist's baby?

  • That Would Be Awful

    If any policy like this is passed it would be a grave injustice. This would be akin to saying that someone getting cancer treatment is tampering with evidence in a case involving a toxic chemical spill. Laws should be about protecting people and reflect a respect for humanity. A woman who has been raped is taking care of herself and her health by having an abortion. Her behaviors should be respected.

  • No, what would be the evidence?

    This is the most "in your face" expression of the underlying contempt for women I believe I have ever seen. My guess is that having eventually given birth after a rape the DNA of a child could be tested and given as evidence to whether a rape occurred or not. This is so naive as to be laughable. It is possible for an already pregnant woman to be raped, as it is also possible for a recently raped woman to become pregnant by someone else afterwards. In addition to that, many raped women do not become pregnant but that fact does not hold up in court as proof that she wasn't actually raped. I don't think the definition of rape includes the requirement that you must get pregnant by that rape and then produce a child with the DNA proof nine months later. These people who propose this need to seriously look at their over-avid right to life issues and wonder about the status of a fetus being carried to term for the sole reason of being evidence in a court of law.

  • Never!

    Why would a prosecutor want to compound a victims suffering? For the State to criminalize an abortion after rape defies the most basic of human rights. An electorate that would allow this doesn't deserve democracy's protection. I sometimes wondered why sheriffs or prosecutors were elected offices. After hearing this question, I don't think I'll ever doubt that wisdom again.

  • No

    This is clearly wrong, if you were holding another man's child because he raped you, not only would it be terrifying for you but traumatizing. I believe they have the right to abort the child. Just because you abort it doesn't mean the DNA is suddenly going to disappear. Simply holding a sample of DNA would make this into a 0 problem situation.

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