Should women be legally obligated to carry a gun with themselves all times

  • Yes they absolutely should

    Think about it men it super hot when a woman is holding a gun hot women everywhere my dude and think of all the benefits crime would go down because all the criminals would be afraid they would be shot especially rape would be massively reduced sexual harassment will plummet to zero because you get shot bitch

  • Yes women can be badasses

    Badass female chicks with guns (especially redheads) are smokin hot. So therefore let’s have women carry guns because guys love women with guns. Why is this such a hard question why can’t we see more badass chicks with guns who knows they might need them to defend themselves against body shamers

  • WTF, No, Of Course Not!

    Are you crazy? ! You want to force someone to carry a f***ing gun all the time?

    « Nope, It wasn’t armed robbery, I was just carrying the gun like I was told to do and accidentally shot the cashier. I should get 2 years of prison instead of 24. It’s not my fault that I had to carry a gun. I would’ve attempted to rob the bank without it if I had been allowed to »

    «Oh, Well, Guess I have to take this gun on the plane even though I have a record of attempted mass murder. That’s really too bad, Just warning you, I might accidentally on purpose try to shoot everybody but right now, You can’t take my gun away because I have to have it on me »

    « Mom, I’m late for school, Hurry up! Just a sec, Honey, I have to find my gun. Remember, I can’t leave my house without it even to drive my child to elementary school »

    « No, Officer, I most certainly wasn’t raising my gun at you because you’d seen me shoplift. I promise you, I was just looking at it closer »

    « Friend sneaks up on girl as a joke: give me your purse, Now! Girl: panics, Turns around without looking directly into his face and shoots him. Spends the rest of her life in prison »

    But if course, None if these scenarios matter because the only important thing about a girl is that she looks sexy, Right?

    And the, «yea, But it’ll save lives for when they’re being attacked » argument. Please, Way more lives will be lost than saved

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MrFarRight says2021-06-01T20:36:53.503
Isn't this just a militia law only for women instead of men?

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