• Women are only good for sex

    They have no other purpose than to serve men and provide them pleasure that is a women’s sole perpose in life. Through out history men have created 99. 99% of the things in the world while women have contributed nothing because there not smart enough to do so. Women are objects. They are the property of men and should be fucked and raped like animals because that’s the only thing there good for.

  • Goood shit is good

    Women are only good for sex They have no other purpose than to serve men and provide them pleasure that is a women’s sole perpose in life. Through out history men have created 99. 99% of the things in the world while women have contributed nothing because there not smart enough to do so. Women are objects. They are the property of men and should be fucked and raped like animals because that’s the only thing there good for.

  • Natural selection and history.

    Men created everything and 99% of rulers were men. Women were only important to reproduce and take care of offspring. . . It has been this way since the age of. . . I don't even know. Since freaker ever lol.

    I don't know what else I can say about this. History speaks for itself my friends.

  • Actually, Yes! (but not the literal way this fem-bot phrases it)

    Men and women fill different roles in society. Just because women are treated differently or are not remembered in history for as many accomplishments doesn't mean they are "sex slaves" or "discriminated against" unfairly. They have historically had less privilege, The reason being they've had far less responsibilities to humanity than men, Such as developing civilization and dying for its ideals.

    As far as the notion of "sex slaves" is concerned, That's hogwash. Of course, Nobody should be forced to have sex, But then they shouldn't marry if they perceive a situation where they would be withholding marital dues. We should also consider that the primary function of men has always been to build, Care for, And improve things in society; The primary function of women has been merely to enjoy sex and have children in exchange for access to the things of civilization.

    Women should not only be "sex slaves, " they should not interfere with the civil process by being allowed to "double vote" (by voting for their interests alone plus garnering a few votes from yesmen who wrongly suppose they'll get appreciated by women).

  • I can't die virgin

    Ok so women should be sex slaves so I don't die virgin since most likely right now I have a 100% chance of dying a virgin, So I need to experience all the types of sex so I can be proud of my life when i'm in the afterlife and not be depressed that I didn't get to experience any sex except beating my meat.

  • Yes they should

    Many men have been Virgins there whole life and died virgins now is this can be avoided if women get raped like animals I mean honestly why else are women here for its vagina and ass hole shaking my head women now a days are so stupid raped should also be leagalizez

  • Sex sex sex

    We gotta kill the SJW's who constantly start fighting against men. Sex put them in their place, And that's why. 100 years ago men built all the buildings, Houses, And shelters for women, And nowadays women won't even make men a sandwich. It's time we put them in their place.

  • What is wrong with people

    When I saw that this wasn't 100% "no", I was shocked. But when I saw that 35% said "yes", My jaw hit the floor. Women are people. Men are people. We should be equal. I don't know why people seem to ignore the fact that both genders are the same species, But I mean, Why try to find logic in a maniacs opinion?

  • Loonies Will Be Looney

    Quite obviously, This idea has no place in a modern, More morally-developed society that has evolved a set of values to combat toxic human behavior and tendencies such as slavery. Without sources or citing required, We all know without a doubt the evils and harms that concepts such as slavery have inflicted that haunt us to this day. Without ranting on further, It is simply wrong.

  • Why is this a question?

    It’s 2019. This is disgusting. Women have done amazing things in history and are now not being credited for it. Men are being given all the credit. Some people are saying they should because of men who die virgins? Get out more! Find someone who would actually enjoy having sex with you. There are women who have committed suicide from being raped, And now you’re saying that because of someone who is a virgin who has the full ability to get out and talk to people, Should “rape them like animals” and cause them a life of misery, Depression, Self hate, Etc. ? You want young girls once excited for life now dreading getting raped at any corner? I will not stand for this. This is truly disgusting.

  • Slavery and gender discrimination are immoral.

    Slavery and gender discrimination both deny liberty to individuals for reasons beyond their control. Sexual slavery is rape. Gender roles should be a voluntary endeavour. All people should be protected from sexual slavery and coersive gender roles forced upon them by society. To force sexual slavery is rooted in a sexist hatred of women and a disregard for their human worth.

  • Women Have Accomplished Things By Fighting Against Misogyny and Sexism

    We females are fighting against the misogyny and sexism that has raped, Abused, And used the females against themselves. Patriarchy and women slave cultures create this self defeating disease that the females are forced to learn because it is not natural nor helpful. Sorry, But beliefs do not help real people in the real world. Facts do because they are real instead of schizophrenic. Here are some facts. There are have been successful female entrepreneurs, Militarians, Engineers, Mathematicians, And leaders. A reason for this is because females and males both usually have the natural capacity to show a sign of intelligence through education, Training, And asserting their skills and abilities no matter what job they do. But, I will be honest. Female brains and male brains are different based on the sex of the person. And testosterone can affect a person's behavior. The same applies to estrogen. It is more common to see males work in engineering, Mathematics, Politics, And businesses that they own. And it is more common to see females work in the medical field, Social sciences, Teaching department, And they commonly work as designers for things such as art for example. And I argue that this is because of how male brains and female brains are different from each other as well as how much testosterone or estrogen a person has. But, This does not get away from the fact that there are females that have been successful at jobs that are male-dominated. And males have been successful at jobs that are female-dominated, Too.

  • How is this even a question

    The only slave here is you for succumbing to your need to perform sexual and abusive acts on women whether they want to or not. It's literally torture and I can't for the love of me see how anyone thinks treating others worse because of their sex is even remotely okay.

  • We should be equal

    I just can't with this thread. As a victim of sexual assault, Some of this was traumatizing to read. Women have beautiful souls and when treated right we flourish. Women are stronger than ever now and have accomplished great thing. I really hope you guys don't believe what you're saying and if you do, I hope a woman never has sex with you as long as you live. If God forbid you actually rape someone I hope you sit in prison for the rest of your life and burn in hell after. You guys are sick. To the beautiful souls standing up for women, God bless you. May you find a good, Wholesome woman to take care of your every need and pleasure you in ways you could have never imagined.

  • What the hell is that question?

    I can't even understand how this question can be asked and how 45% answered yes. Women aren't sex slaves, They're alive like us and deserve to be treated the same way as us.
    I hope those who answered yes were joking when they did because else I'm losing the last bit of hope I had towards humankind

  • Consensual should be permitted, But not by default.

    As someone in the lifestyle, Consensual "slavery" is permitted. It is not the same as slavery where you do have no choice, But where you give up your own choice. A slave can always leave her master, And a good master will always keep the well being of the slave in mind. BDSM is different from what this dude is talking about, However.

  • Absolutely Not, Women Have Rights

    Women have been oppressed in the past, And they are not oppressed as today; however, They are human beings along with men. I think that this title is absolutely ridiculous. Is this supposed to be a joke of some kind? Anyway, Men and women are equal, And it should remain that way.

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