• Yes, they should

    At least in my opinion, women should be aware of how they dress. I'm not saying I dress too modestly but it is something that should be kept in mind. Whenever I reveal too much skin in public when I know there are men around, I AM asking for it. Maybe not literally, but my clothes show it all. Ladies, you can get the right man regardless. You don't need to reveal too much skin to attract men because that's pathetic. Instead of getting a man by sexualizing yourself, try charming him with your facial appearance and personality.

  • I think everyone should be modest

    Comfort is a relative thing, and I'm not saying that hoop skirts should make a reappearance, but everyone has a responsibility to make themselves presentable to their fellow man. It can help eliminate double standards in gender dressing. I firmly believe that modesty can help to make the world a better place

  • Everyone should be modest

    Some girls are pressured to dress uncomfortably by society any way.
    I dress modestly because it makes me comfortable and feel right. Guys should dress modestly as well, not only women. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Behaving modestly is always better than behaving immodestly, yes, even when it comes to the close you choose to wear.

    .Dressing "immodestly is the exact opposite of kindness. Dressing immodestly is a form of showing off boasting about your "beauty". It is actually no different from a man showing off and boasting about his wealth, which is something everyone recognises as unkind and wrong.

    When a man boasts about his wealth to the people around him, how does that make the less fortunate around him feel? Not very good, as you have undoubtedly experienced yourself. When a woman does the same thing, only showing off her looks rather than her wealth, how does that make the men around her, particularly the older men, against whom she has an 'ageist' prejudice, feel? Like shit. Because they know that they will never be able to get 'her', no matter what.

  • Nudity is sexual, accept it

    The fact that nudity and sexuality go hand in hand has been ingrained in our culture. You can object but you can't change it. If a woman wants to go about her day nude or half nude that is her perogative, bit she must accept the fact that men will sexualize her and run the risk of rape

  • Women and Men need to be modest...

    Both men and women need to be mindful about how they dress. I have seen so many guys with their pants ready to drop and you can see the top of their butt sticking out. I fail to see how that could be considered "cool". With ladies, I have seen so many girls walking around with their breasts practically hanging out of the clothes, its no wonder why guys are staring at them. And yet, they keep complaining about the creepy guys staring at them. Sorry ladies, but its one way or the other. Either you dress modestly or you can dress like prostitute and not complain about the amount of stares you get. Besides, you can still look sexy without showing your cleavage.

  • I Think it's a Choice

    I think that by forcing women to dress one way you are being sexist. I think that if someone wants to dress modest, then it is perfectly fine, but you shouldn't be judged by how modest you are. People think of a good girl as a girl that dresses modest and waits till marriage to even kiss. I think of a good girl as someone who is kind. . One commenter on NPR wrote:" The defining characteristic of misogyny and sexism is not how much a woman wears, but how much it matters what she wears.
    Consider that in those cultures which oppress or objectify women, those who exert control are inevitably men; and that those men seek to do so by imposing standards of behavior, dress, appearance, and beauty on women. That the manner in which such control is exerted is largely irrelevant--the common theme is that women are considered by men to be objects for their use and pleasure, to be possessed, traded, fetishized, coerced, adored, beaten, stylized, raped, killed. Not once is a woman supposed to be her own person, allowed to decide for herself what she wants, let alone be permitted the ambition to actually attain her goals in life. So utterly complete is this cultural control that very often the source of oppression is other women: the refusal to conform is regarded as a betrayal of one's societal role.
    There are exceedingly few societies in this world where there is even a reasonable level of gender equality. The number of societies/cultures for which women are literally regarded as nothing more than the property of men, is far, far greater." (p w wrote this). People act as if girls these days don't understand niceness and that is all somehow ties back to what a girl wears. Where is the logic in that? I have plenty of nice friends and most of them show skin from time to time. The point is, they have personalities and morals and they follow them as well as any human does. What they wear isn't in the equation at all. They have confidence in themselves and they view themselves as more than a body.

  • They should be judged accordingly though ...

    You can do whatever you want, but no one should have to accept you for it.

    If showing skin shouldn't matter then why show it?
    If how you look and how you compose yourself shouldn't matter then why pick the lifestyle that provokes?
    It shouldn't matter to you to need to do those things, just as much as you don't want it to matter to others.

    As harmless as you think your lack of modesty is ... So is the harmlessness of their judgment. If you still feel the need for approval even after starting a fire, that sounds like more of a personal issue and makes you all the more deserving of their disapproval.

  • No Modesty is a Choice not a Requirement

    Personal freedom to choose is the hallmark of America and Americans. If a woman chooses to dress a certain way it is purely arbitrary to think that anyone could define modesty much less impose modestry on a woman. Who would be the modesty police? Women should be able to dress the way they wish. If not someone elses idea she should have to dress to please.

  • No we should not,

    We don't have to be "modest" to be respected. Everyone has their own opinion of modest so there is never anyone to say. We should be able to wear what we won't and never have fear of being harrassed. Boys need to learn ho to control themselves because the majority never have. It feels like rape will never end and I will always have to be afraid of simply walking to the store thats right next to my own house.

  • Clothing Modesty is a lie

    People are not born in clothes they are born naked, the way they are naturally, i have absolutely no qualms with anyone wearing as little as they want, if a woman wants to breastfeed in public thays fine, if women want to join men is being topless in public then why shouldnt they? If a man wants to walk around town undressed from the waist down, who are we to judge him? People are just too senaitive to unimportant thinga these days, if i wanna go for a morning stroll in my local park with no clothes on then i should be able to and if women want to do the same then they should too, its only natural, we wear clothes because they are warm, protective and expressive, they arent a neccessoty to survival

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Dilara says2014-12-02T00:58:45.297
If they want
chestnutrules says2014-12-02T01:05:17.313
Yeah that's my opinion..
kbub says2014-12-02T02:15:17.970
It's a no-win situation
FreedomBeforeEquality says2014-12-04T17:50:53.547
Its a win for more people if you are modest.