Should women be ordained as priests in the Catholic Church?

  • Women are equal to men. Period.

    The Catholic church is so outdated in their views about EVERYTHING, especially birth control and sexism. They need to stop being so dogmatic and rethink their views or their religion will die out. Their views are completely antiquated and irrelevant to today's society. I find it hard to fathom why ANYONE calls themselves a Catholic.

  • Of course they should

    If women want to stand up and spread the word about God and become leaders in the church then it is a wonderful thing. We need more people who are willing to do this, why would we exclude women? They can do anything else in society so why not become priests?

  • Yes they should.

    We live in the twenty first century. We live in a society where Women are still struggling for true equality. What is stopping them from becoming equals in religion.

    The Catholic Church needs to realize that it lives in the PRESENT. If it cannot adapt to the modern world, I find no reason to take it seriously.

  • Ordain women now!

    What matters for the incarnation and the redemption is that Jesus was human, not that he was male. Every conceivable rationalization is being used to negate this basic fact of Christian faith.
    This issue is not about radical feminism. It is about the new evangelization and the glory of God. Let's keep praying and working for the ordination of women to the deaconate, the priesthood, and the episcopate.

  • Yes women shouldn't be abused like they have by the church.

    The church needs to evolve (see what I did there) as with any other modern organization. Women have a history (especially in religion) as being abused if were to quote Timothy "I don't permit women to have authority over a man, they must be silent." if the church gets rid of the bad and illogical then it will be a better organization, by the end it wont even be a religious institution.

  • If you do not like the Church telling you how to live, stop telling them how to.

    It's the Church's decision, and only theirs. They have their reasons for not letting women become Priests. One reason being that a women was the first to succumb to sin (and quite easily.)

    The Church's reasons are biblical, has the Church should be. Other reasons include Paul and Peter both writing that women are to never become priests. You can not say the bible is Sexist because it was one of the first books to mention treating women with respect. Jesus usually had women be the first to see he miracles (which was a big deal back then.)

    All around, it's the Church's to decide. If you do not like the Church telling you how to live, stop telling them how to.

  • I don't believe in less intelligent people doing this kind of thing.

    In order to be a good priest, you have to be really good at making people believe lies. This require intelligence.
    So why put the unintelligent race in charge of this? Men are priest for a reason. Because they are more intelligent. That's why they are the only ones allowed to do this.

  • I don't think women can be ordained as priest....

    First of all, as what we all know, man and women are created equally in the image and likeness of God. Yes, they are equal but performs different functions. Man is definitely inferior than women and that is our nature.. Jesus Christ is the founder and is male, he selected his apostles and all are male, and the apostles selected successors as male. It's in the culture and tradition. In the Person of Christ the Head At the most basic level, the answer to the question is simple: The New Testament priesthood is the priesthood of Christ Himself. All men who, through the Sacrament of Holy Orders, have become priests (or bishops) participate in Christ's priesthood. And they participate in it in a very special way: They act in persona Christi Capitis, in the person of Christ, the Head of His Body, the Church.

  • Men Should Be Priests

    The bible is pretty clear that women should not have places of authority over men. It says so in 1 Timothy; perhaps some of you so-called Christians should read your bibles. If you don't like this, then you need to go to a church that doesn't follow the bible a accurately as the Catholic Church does.

  • No, but it takes a mountain of Catholic theology to really understand why.

    Shrimpcookin1's concise explanation is an excellent argument for the negative.

    I will add to it by saying that the prevailing thought in Western society at present is similar to Marxist critical theory, in which everything is viewed through the 'power' lens -- that is, there are the oppressors and the oppressed and imbalance of power, which is seen to be unjust.
    Most people then look to the Catholic Church and see the supposed imbalance of "power" as an injustice.
    They neglect to consider the prevailing philosophy in Catholicism, and the traditional meaning of 'freedom' in Western society.
    While freedom in modern society can be broadly defined as meaning 'being able to do what one wishes to do, insofar as it does not restrict the freedom of others', freedom in Catholic thought could be better described as 'being able to fulfill what one's ultimate purpose (or final cause) is'. Final cause lends itself well to the idea that men and women have different spiritual roles.
    Such 'roles' are not mere social functions in the same way as working in a job or keeping a house.
    Their core being or spiritual purpose is intrinsically linked to these roles.

    Ordination bestows upon a man an 'indelible spiritual character' making him a priest. Without this ordination, a man has no more spiritual authority to be a priest than a woman. Even if he could perform the necessary rites, it makes no difference. His core spiritual being is not one of a priest.

    To summarize, a 'priest' (in essence) is one who is an ordained man (among other necessary attributes). It doesn't matter if a woman is ordained, or knows all the rites back-to-front better than any man. She simply CAN'T be a priest because her inherent final cause contradicts the inherent final cause of a priest.
    As Shrimpcookin1 pointed out: the most 'powerful' and most highly venerated human in all of Catholicism is Saint Mary. No single other person in the history of the world could have been better 'qualified' to be a priest. However, she was not, for the reason that is that it was not her true purpose to be one.

    If you go beyond the question of power-relations and civil freedom and delve deeper into what it inherently means to be a man/woman/free/priest, the Catholic position begins to be a lot clearer.

  • It's never going to happen

    The exclusively male priesthood is a solemnly defined dogma of the Catholic Church, meaning it can not be changed. EVER. But let's look at the reasons for this:
    Jesus chose only men as his apostles. Some say he was just acting to conform with the culture of his time, but there are several things wrong with this idea: First, Jesus never paid any attention to the culture of his time (violating the Sabbath, etc.). Also, there were priestesses all over the Roman world, so it would not have been that revolutionary to pick a woman. It is true that women were not allowed to testify in court, but Jesus founded a Church, not a law firm.
    The Catholic Church acknowledges that men and women are equal but have different roles. This is just too complex for many liberals, mostly non-Catholics, who love to condemn the Church for being misogynistic. The Catholic Church acknowledges that the holiest human being ever, St. Mary, was a woman, but she too could never be a priest.

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noah364 says2013-07-12T16:01:32.483
No one should be denied the highest honor in their religion because they don't have a dick. Jesus chose his apostles because of who they were, not because they had the same sexual organ as he did. Priests should be selected based on wisdom and aptitude, and not on whether or not they have a period every month. Mary was a woman, yet we don't assign any important roles to women based on that. Let's face it. Objectively, religion was originally a way to reinforce the sexist notion that men are better than women. Look at the Adam and Eve story. Eve was deceptive. She sinned, and as a result, she got both of them kicked out of heaven. It was all the woman’s fault. That story was a basis for men to keep control. If we were to ask Jesus, he would encourage women to be priests. Jesus was Jewish, and there are plenty of female Rabbis (unless you’re Orthodox, but that’s another argument). We can’t let, ancient, sexist traditions dictate what we do today. If you look at many Bible stories, you’ll learn that it’s perfectly fine to sell your daughters as prostitutes, mary people against their will, and have sex with your drunk dad. Yet none of these things are encouraged (for obvious reasons). How is this any different? If’ you’ve seen Fiddler on the Roof, you’ll know how stupid it seems when someone runs around yelling “tradition!” to get their way instead of actually being fair and using logic and reasoning. IN conclusion, women should absolutely be allowed to become priests, just as men can.
Flipbook says2013-07-12T20:14:08.850
It depends on the religion.
AnonyFeline says2013-07-13T05:24:59.017
It is completely up to the religion.