• Time is short: All God's Gifts Must Bear Fruit ASAP

    We don't have time to argue about this. If someone has a gift for leadership, God gave them it to bear His fruit. No time for messing about, eternal life is at stake for millions of unbelievers. On the final page of the bible Jesus tells us 'You who obey My commands' will have eternal life. There is no command from Him about the gender of leadership. This debate is a decadent self-indulgence. We have far more important things to address than the gender of a pastor or public speaker. I am a gifted speaker. I am called by God to spread his word. To save as many people as possible from eternal damnation. God used a donkey and an occultist to bless the Israelites, he will use anybody or anything. So I know He would use me. Do not exalt yourselves boys, nor compete about who is closer to God. There are specific commands about that. Be very careful in your attitudes.

  • Jesus uses women

    Jesus let the poor woman pour perfume over the feet of Jesus. He also uses Mary Magdalene to proclaim that Jesus rose from the dead. He also uses the Samaritan woman to proclaim that Jesus was the Messiah. He raises a Jairus' daughter the synagogue ruler who was 'asleep' back to life.

  • Yes they should

    Honestly everything is opinion. People nowadays can make anything sound like they want it to. My personal belief, which you may not agree with, is that paul was talking about a specific instance. The women from the church mentioned were not good people. He was pointing out that these women should not be allowed to lead. Plus the society and culture was all based off of men leading. This is not because men were better but simply because that day and age was were you had to be strong to thrive so men took lead and women followed. Now because you don't have to hunt to survive women and men are becoming equals. Coming back to my point. Paul is not God. Even though he was a disciple for God he was human. Flawed and human. He was raised learning that he was better than women. Another point. The bible is what it is today because it was passed down by word of mouth and finally written down. Have you ever played a game of telephone? There is no possible way that after being translated so many times and being passed down that the bible is that same as it first was. That being said for all we know origanally the bible could have said that all women were demons and should be kept on leashes. Again this is all my opiniin and may personal belief. If someone's belief is against mine I urge you to tell me your opinion and not just tell me that I am wrong.

  • Yes they should

    Paul was not talking about the patriarchy of his day but instead was trying to focus on the moral aspects of a preacher. The context in 1 tim. 2:12 looks to say that women can't be pastors if you take it literally. In sum, Paul was stating that women should not Lord the fact that they can be pastors over the men as men had done that before. He does not think the women are mature enough to pastor in this context. He also believes that they should prepare themselves to be a pastor first before going into ministry so that they do not teach false teachings. That's it! People misinterpret it but you have to take into consideration the context. Paul spoke in other areas of the bible about equality of men and women so why would he just randomly be against women all of a sudden?

  • Women Are Called to Ministry

    I know so many women who have been / are being called to the ministry to lead churches. Churches which are full of men and women.
    I don't see how you can judge someone simply on their gender alone. It's just as bad as judging someone for their race. You are saying that just because I am a woman, I am not capable of being your senior pastor?
    Oh wait, you still think that men and women are equal?
    And yet you can't let a woman be your pastor?
    So, just to clarify, if I was born with male body parts... You would let me be your pastor...
    That just seems like super sketchy logic to me.
    I believe that God pours his spirit out on all people and all genders. Are not women also created in the image of God? So what if the way a woman leads a church looks different from the way a man leads it?
    Honestly, I am not sure how much longer I can support a church that does not truly love women the way Jesus loved them.
    -I'm out.

  • Yes the should

    They are highly capable of being pastors. I know in Timothy it says they should but that was paul speaking not God. Remember Jesus let women to be apart of his ministry. And women were the first to preach that Jesus resurrected. It just the men that don't like a women telling them what to do

  • Early church: churches are house churches

    In the early church the "churches" were not necessarily buildings on the corner or cathedrals with steeples, but houses and groups within the synagogues. So, if we look at the early church documents such as the Didache and the New Testament, we can see that women were leaders or at least referred to along with men in the same way. So, if we take the early church traditions and read the New Testament in light of how the early church viewed these things, then we, too, can see that, if a woman can lead a bible study, then, she might also lead a house church because, in the early church, they were quite similar.

  • Choice in the Church is a right.

    A woman should be able to work in any environment she chooses to. Why should the church be any different. Some say that the bible claims the head must be a man, but the bible has always been open to interpretation for those with an open mind. If a women feels ministry is her path and that that is what God intended for her, she has the right to explore that, regardless of gender.

  • If a woman believes she is called to the ministry, she should be able to do just that.

    Different denominations and religions have varying rules on whether or not women are allowed to be pastors. I don't think any outsiders should try to change their individual rules. Just as they have a right to choose who can minister in their religious group, women should have the right to choose whether or not to be pastors. If their religious denomination does not agree with it, then they should leave that particular denomination. If you don't agree with a women leading the church, don't go to that church. It's as simple as that.

  • yes

    It is important for women to have the same right in church as men. we were all created equal by the same father. There is no reason why women can't perform the same tasks as us men. The only thing that matter its the inside of a person the outside is just a body after all.

  • Naturally born leaders

    Let us not conform to the ways of this world but keep God's ways and commands. There should not be an argument here. Men were appointed to be the the church leaders from the start, simple to understand. This does not humiliate or undermine women at all but calls everyone to obedience. Women have different roles in Christian community, and when women accept this respectfully and obediently they will be blessed and will be able to support their pastor- husbands more effectively. Women can teach, which is a demanding job, and besides the obvious mothering and child caring responsibilities there are lots of occupations within the church environment where women can work. Women can write, and write songs, become a member of a worship team or offer counselling, or pray for people and do other supporting jobs and work for charity . Just they should not desire to stand in the pulpit, that is for men. I personally find it irritating to listen a high pitched voice for longer longer than ten minutes. Women somehow lack the authority when it comes to ministering large groups of people.

  • Women are the same as men

    Women are no different than men in leading the church. They can be pastors in a church; a woman has every right to do that. Women are called to ministries, if a woman believes in that; she has the right to do that. 1st Timothy, 2:12 say that women can't be pastors if you take it literally.
    There still is an argument where people can say that the Bible says that in the New Testament, Jesus took men as Apostles. “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence” So, there is a strong argument that someone can say. But in my opinion, I would say that women can become pastors because, firstly, Jesus had come to Earth as a baby through, Mary, a woman. If Mary hadn't given birth to Jesus, right now, the world would have been different. Mary was also kind of a disciple of God, she loved him and served him. So, in conclusion, i would like to say, that women and men both, can be pastors.

  • What does Bible say?

    In the Old Testament, only men were ordained as priests (Exodus 28-29; Numbers 18:7). Pagan religions had priestesses like Jezebel, but God forbade them in Israel (Deuteronomy 18:9-14; Revelation 2:20 ). In the New Testament, Jesus ordained only men as Apostles (Mark 3:14 -19). Only men may be ordained as pastors and elders. “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence” (I Timothy 2:12 . See also I Corinthians 14:34). Women may serve the church in many ways, but not be ordained.

    God ordained priests in the Old Testament, but not in the New Testament. The church has pastors, not priests. A pastor is a shepherd, elder and overseer (Acts 20:17 ; I Timothy 3:1-7 ; Titus 1:6-9). Priests offer bloody sacrifices on an altar. Christ is our only Priest. He offered Himself on the altar of the Cross (Hebrews 7-10). Since then, God abolished the priesthood, altars and sacrifices. In another sense, all Christians are priests (I Peter 2:9; Revelation 1:6). We offer praise to God (Hebrews 13:15 ). We remember the perfect and final sacrifice – Jesus, the Lamb of God.

  • Scripture doesn't support it.

    The closest thing to a female leader I can find is Deborah in the Book of Judges. This exception I believe proves the rule. There is no doubt women play important roles throughout the Bible but you have to search long and hard to find them leading men. God uses Deborah only when all the men were too demoralized to take on the Canaanites. She encourages Barak but it is he who leads (finally) but because of his timidity, he is shamed by a girl. What lesson should men draw from this example? If a woman has to lead, your church is in trouble.

  • Live by the Word

    First i don't believe anyone is allowed to have an opinion on the Word of God. (Heb.4v12) The Word is truth and a guide for us to live by. We are to be a servant to His will for our lives. When the WORD says do it well do it, when it says don't do it then don't do it. Who is winning when Christian men and women struggle against each other over the Word. Those who obey his WORD will hear well done good and faithful servant.

  • Women have a different role than Men

    The bible clearly states the roles of women and men in the church. Paul said that women should be silent. This means that women should not take leadership roles in the church , this includes pastor and elders. Though Paul also said that women can still teach the word, they can teach it in positions like Sunday school teacher. This means they still contribute hugely to ministry. Women are not simply vessels of the male congregation, but have a pivotal role other than leadership.

  • Female Pastors are Unnecessary

    Women do not have the job commitment, single-mindedness, or focus to be pastors of a church congregation unless they plan to remain single. Women with families focus on their families first, and sometimes pastors have to put their churches ahead of their families. Women have plenty of other leadership opportunities that do not involve church pastoring.

  • Women Should Not be Pastors

    From my Faith, God has a set order and theres no way we can change that. First comes God, Jesus, man then the woman. As Jesus is the head of the church, Men are in charge of the household. If we try to obscure God's set order, there are no good things to come. It has been that way since day 1. God has not changed ever since.

  • They should not

    It has to do with the proper role of men and women. In Genesis God established these roles and said the man should be in charge of the spiritual affairs while the woman should be in charge of raising the family. Having different roles is not sexist it just means men and women have different purposes, otherwise men would be able to have children as well.

  • The bible says no.

    Women should not be pastors as the Bible says that a pastor must be a man. It was never intended for women to have domain over a man and therefore a woman cannot be a pastor. This does not mean that a woman cannot be in the ministry but she should not be a pastor.

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