• Wrong ! ! ! ! !

    Actually you did not just "make" us out of nothing. Some dude had to plow you, and then some accident occurred and you shat out a baby. So go shove a dildo up your pretentious ass and come down from your high and mighty pedestal, and join us males back on earth. Real meat is better than fake meat.

  • They're human beings as well.

    Just getting this out of the way, but I happen to be male. I also completely disagree with this entire question. Why? Simple. I know it's a shocker, but women, like us men, just happen to be humans. Therefore, they should be treated exactly the same as men are, rather than being treated like property. Guaranteed, my version of treating both equally is 'despise both equally' but that isn't important.

  • And Here's why...

    Women are self-aware and can take care of themselves and decide what to do with themselves. I can own a television because it has no agency of it's own and would not exist on it's own. Furthermore, if women had not taken their liberty with hard work we would not have the marvelous inventions of Marie Curie, or Maya Angelou.

  • And here's why...

    Women are conscious beings that can decide their own fates. I can own a t.v. because it doesn't have a mind of it's own I'm not infringing on it's personal agency. Furthermore if women had not taken their liberty through hard work, and perserverance, we wouldn't have the Marvelous work of Marie Curie, or Maya Angelou.

  • No, absolutely NOT!

    Neither gender should have any more rights than the other. Both genders are guilty of this, but that is another discussion entirely. Basically, that would be slavery of women. If slavery is wrong, then treating women as property is wrong for the exact same reasons. I honestly hope this question is a joke.

  • This is a joke, surely?

    Humans should never be treated as property or commodities, this needs no explaining and to vote "yes" on this is to say "I'm a mentally challenged human who is most likely a middle eastern man with a problem and insecurity toward my small ____ (dick, social status, intelligence, wealth, future, muscles, sexual experience, opportunities, etc.)" or a woman who is most likely middle eastern and been manipulated since birth by a dominating patriarchy (WHICH DOES NOT EXIST TO A CREDIBLE EXTENT IN WESTERN POLITICS), into believing that you are nothing more than things 'great' men "plow" so you can "sh(i)t out a baby" or two.

    You're either a troll or an idiot sir, jolly good day.

  • Easy answer !

    Of course not. Not up for debate. This should be obvious to any logical and rational person. A priori assumptions of a male nature determine the human nature of a so-called variable: woMan so no, women wiill never be second class ro man this is clear to any logical and rational thinking WOMAN, thwsnk you

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