• Yes, dependent on the religion

    If the religion is Christianity, your question is answered by the Bible: "There is neither male nor female", in other words, God is not sexist, He looks only at the heart. However, have fun trying to tell this to a Jew or a Muslim- they don't like their women to be leaders

  • Yes, if they want to be.

    If women or one woman want to be a religious leader than I believe they should be able to pursue that. Just because they are a female does not mean they would be any worse off as a leader than a man, and as long as they are devoted it should work out okay.

  • If they are suitable.

    There is nothing wrong with women being religious leaders as long as they are qualified and the religion allows it. If members of the church have issue with a woman being leader they have every right to go to a different church. The Catholic church does not allow women to be a Priest, however, they are able to become a nun. It really boils down to what the woman and the church are comfortable with. If everyone is okay with the situation there is no problem with a woman being a religious leader.

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