Should women be required to complete a course on adoption before legally obtaining an abortion?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Abortion is unnecessary

    There is no reason for any woman to have an abortion, and she would know this if she took a course on adoption. Abortion i murder, and those considering it should have to face the fact that they would be murdering their own child to have an abortion. Women who want abortions shouldface the facts rather than bury them.

  • It varies whether or not it would come out of pocket or not.

    If it is a free service like "Planned Parenthood" or other Organizations that does not force her out of pocket sounds like an educational idea. It broadens up the perspective of the woman having an abortion. There are a lot of things circulating about adoption. It would be best to take a 1-2 week (varying on how far she is during her pregnancy) seminar just to get some rumors cleared up on it. It would give the woman (and her partner) a better understanding. Which results in a smarter decision.

  • This is ridiculous

    I don't know how many times I have to say this, but adoption is not an alternative to abortion. With abortion, you are not carrying the foetus to term and you are not birthday said foetus. With adoption, you have to carry the foetus to term and birth it. That's a life changing experience. Not only does it change your hormones, your body and your situation concerning work and/or school, but it can be a pretty traumatic experience when you're so young.

  • Adoption is an alternative to parenting

    Adoption is an alternative to parenting, not pregnant. The two are unrelated. Forcing a woman who wants an abortion to learn about adoption only accomplishes the following:
    1) Delays the abortion, which harms the woman. Earlier abortions are safer
    2) Attempts to shame the woman, which harms her mentally.
    3) Sets the a woman up for oppression. Forcing a woman to birth a baby against her will is a form of slavery. Coercing a woman to do this through shame is no better than locking her up and waiting for the baby to be born, then ripping it from her arms. It is a horrible horrible thing to do.

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