Should women be required to join a selective service?

Asked by: DocMontiel
  • If we keep the selective service

    I believe in equality. Further, women should have their hair shaved for boot camp and keep it high and tight while serving, OR allow men to have the same regulations as women - ie ponytails and longer hair. That is true equality. As this is an executive department, the president can say the word and it would occur.

  • Equal protection under the law.

    The fifth amendment of the constitution guarantees the right to equal protection under the law at the federal level.

    The Supreme Court only upheld male only selective service as a result of the ban on women in combat. Now that the ban is set to be lifted by January 2016, litigation can be expected to move forward and the Supreme Court should (and most likely will) reverse their previous decision.

    Posted by: JonJ
  • Why not? No really, why not?

    Men and Women can BOTH serve with honor and distinction and should be given the chance to do so, by draft if need be. Men and Women can do all the same jobs in the military so again I do not see a reason why they could not be drafted. If men can be forced, so should women be able to.

  • It is neccessary for true equality

    To rebut DocMontiel, Woman have their rights yes but so do men, if men cannot refuse the draft then neither should woman as long as men suffer the draft then so should woman. Or do you want women to have more rights then men?
    Sarac626 Men have never been the "superior gender" the reason why men had the ability to vote before woman was because of the draft. Men has the responsibility that when war started they would be called up to fight for their country in exchange they were given a say in the government by giving them a vote. Woman did not have the responsibility so they didnt have the right most woman did not want the vote because they believed that if they accepted the right they would have to accept the responsibility.
    To reply to "There are enough men to fill the need" this is a ridiculous argument. You seem to be advocating discrimination because there are enough men to fill the need doesn't not mean we should only use men! Woman have the vote so they should be liable to be drafts its that simple. Why would woman in particular be needed on the home front men could just as well do those jobs so why discriminate?
    The draft is bad but whilst its here both genders should be liable because they are not it is discrimination pure and simple.

  • For gender equality

    Either end the requirement for males or start it for females. Since both genders can be in most military occupations and units, even with unequal physical capabilities.

    The American government will not end selective service registration then females should be required to register at their 18th birthday just as males are required.

  • Children need their mothers

    There are children who need their mothers. For years the men have men the "superior" gender, but women are the ones who go through 9 months of carrying a little person in their stomach, only to be taken away from their child because they were drafted into the army. Women can join the selective service if they want, but shouldn't be required.

  • There are enough men to fill the need.

    If war were to break out, the necessary amount of men needed would be more than exceeded. Should a large enough war in which the government would need a draft, women would be needed on the home - front running affairs stateside. A prime example would be the Second World War.

  • No but neither should men

    Selective service is pretty gross the government forcing people into a war is in my opinion an incredibly sick process its the government ripping people away from their families. I think that its horrifying. If we never got rid of tge draft bothe grnders need to do it but neither gender should have to it shpuldnt exist. Baducally im anti draft but the same standards for both sexes.

  • They should not be required to join

    Women should not be required to join a selective service because is not right. Making it a requirement is like forcing them into joining something not all women want to do, and they should have the right to decide whether they want to serve or not. They have their rights.

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