Should women be the dominant gender in the human species? Why or why not?

Asked by: Bettafishowner
  • Women are smarter

    It has been proven that women are smarter and more caring than men. The reason why most things have been built by men is because women haven't had the chance. Now that they do, they have quickly surpassed men. Women being in charge is a must for our future. Men should be listining to women and doing what they want, they are smarter.

  • NO gender should be the dominant gender!

    Neither men NOR women should be the dominant gender because that would lead to more and more sexism, which needs to get abolished! Women are NOT the mentally strong gender! There are LOTS of men who are mentally strong AND mentally weak! Men are NOT the physically strong gender! There are LOTS of women who are physically strong AND physically weak! Society is full of BS people like you who are only adding to the problem instead of actually trying to DO something about it and fight AGAINST it!

  • They shouldn't, but they are becoming the dominant sex

    Or maybe its men who are becoming weaker and more dependent, either way, women surpassed men in schools, surpass men in numbers within the workforce, most laws are poised to help women gain the upper hand upon divorce, in relationships, it is husbands who try to impress wives and earn their satisfaction and not the other way around

    in sports, more girls are defeating boys in wrestling, more female bjj practitioners are defeating their male conter parts, and some even won championships defeating all male opponents, female sports such as mma and soccer are rising, true that women right now are still behind men in sports but judging by the speed of their growth (or men's decline) they might become the dominant athletes within the next decades ..... In the marine branch of the armed forces, sure men are the top recruits, but there are many females who pass the tests that many men fail at, meaning that the top female could be better than 75% of male recruits, and this happened within short time, so in the next decades we might witness a female scoring above all males

    it is obvious that females are dominating more fields, but this will not make anyone happy including women themselves, a woman by nature is always attracted to man who is better than her, stronger, taller, funnier, smarter, wiser, more confident...Etc, so if men became inferior, women will have a hard time finding a mate they can live happily with and this will hurt them psychologically

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