• Yes we should be treated the same

    WE ARE ALL THE SAME. No matter what they say WE ARE THE SAME. We all our weaknesses in something and our strenght on something. Like men do most of the hard and not that weak. The womens do more of the weaknesses then strenght. WE ARE ALL THE SAME

  • Yes, women should be held to the same standards as men.

    However, the standards for men shouldn't drop to accommodate them. I see a lot of rage, pain, suffering, and cries of "The Patriarchy is keeping us whiny washouts down" in that path, on the part of those that don't make the cut. The ones that are left should be treated as fellow and equal guys.

  • Yes we are Equal

    Both women and men have their own strengths and weaknesses. Women are significantly better than men at everything that doesn't have to do with strength. Many studies have shown that women have the brains and men have strength. So, when you weigh the strengths and the weaknesses, you will find that women are as good as men(probably a little better). And that they contribute to the world more than men.

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