• Yes, kegels are more important for women.

    Kegel exercises are meant to strengthen the pelvic area and hence the core of the body. Women have more going on in the pelvic area with menstruation,pregnancy, and even the sex act itself, so it is more important for women to keep this part of the body healthy as well as strong.

  • Yes women should

    Women should commit to kegel exercises to a greater extent than men because women have more to lose by not doing kegel exercises. Kegel exercises keep vaginal muscles toned and tight and will aid in an easier childbirth if exercised regularly. Keeping these muscles toned will also help with incontinence post-childbirth and as a woman ages.

  • Women Have More Pelvic Issues Than Men

    Kegel exercises are meant for women more than men since they are ideal for working out the walls of the pelvis. Men can utilize them of course, but it seems more appropriate for women to do them. Everyone can benefit from these muscle-building exercises, however the shapes of the pelvis in men and women are slightly different.

  • No they should not.

    I do not think that one gender needs to commit more than another gender when it comes to exercise no matter what type of exercise it is. I think that both men and women should contribute as much as they want when it comes to working out and staying in shape.

  • Good for all

    Kegel exercises are just another for of exercise of a muscle - even if the muscle is related to intimate and personal parts of the body. Sexual health and well being are equally important to both genders, and women being more open about doing these exercises is a good start.

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