• Only if the man is bringing home the bacon

    I have nothing wrong with working women, I'm just saying that it's a trade off. If a guy is out busting his butt making money, it's up to the wife to keep the house clean. If the woman is out making the money, the man should clean. And if both are making money, share the responsibility. Relationships are all about compromise.

  • Women is not home help.

    They can't do housework all day and they also need time to relax. It's not fair that men can do nothing after work day while women is always busy on cleaning up everythings.Not only are men stressed with theirs jobs, but women also are. If the situation lasted for a long time, women could have many dangerous illnesses

  • Aw hell naw.

    I don't believe women should do ALL the housework, but they can do some. It would be lazy to leave the housework to just the women of the house. Even if the man is bringing home "the bacon," he still can participate in housework. He does live in the same house as her, so participate in the clean up! Of course, women can do all the housework if she is ok with it, but only IF!

  • Tradition and values

    It seems today that the feminists are yelling in the streets for more rights for women. In fact women have the same rights as men in devoloped nations. To me women have a role to belong in the home and not in the workforce. Throughout time men have been the leaders in the family and it should remain that way. Women should provide a moral good upbringing for her children. By having women in the home it would provide children with more love and morals. Also with less women in the workforce it cause less unemployment as less people would seek work. In the end I believe women should have equal opportunity but should be encouraged to stay in the home.

  • I said so.

    See above. What more do i need to say. It's not an argument. Just get it done. And what's for dinner? And i could use a cool one. Just got done with all of the yard work you know. And clean your hair out of the shower too by the way.

  • Women aren't good for anything but house work.

    This is because feminism was created for ungrateful women that need to have attention. They all say they got it hard but we have to put up with their crap all day, Every day. On top of that, We need to balance work as well, But what do they do, Complain about everything.

  • Woman should do ALL the housework

    Nature has created MAN and WOMAN with a clear difference between the two genders. Woman has the gift of being a multi-tasking character, of being a loving and caring mother for ALL.

    Whereas the MAN is gifted with the quality of concentrating on one thing at a time and doing with his full focus and concentration.

    These natural traits in the MAN and WOMAN have been the basic reasons for distributing the work between the two. Doing work outside in office requires concentration on that one work you are assigned to do and that is the only responsibility for you to fulfill. This is the kind of work which the MAN can efficiently handle based on his natural characteristics.

    On the other hand a Woman is more skilled on being multi-tasking and more vibrant that the man. These characteristics are more required in doing household tasks.

    Also the Woman is more flexible in naure and can adjust herself to all kinds of household environment. MAN is more rigid in nature and is unable to do so.

    A Woman has the natural trait of being loving and caring by nature towards her beloved ones and her family. Hence the household chores are more suited to the Woman and outside jobs are more suited to the Man.


  • This is Important

    Women shouldn't do all the housework but in terms of modesty, they can stay at home. Of course, women can also do a job that will help and evaluate her in her deen. And like our beloved Prophet Muhammed PBUH, it is the responsibility of the husband to help out with chores.

  • If she isn't working, then of course!

    If she isn't working outside the home and he is, then it is grossly unfair to force him into house chores in his off time while she isn't forced to work a job. If they both work equally demanding jobs, then split the chores. Take a cue from gay people. If you want equality, it can't be one sided. With financial support from a spouse comes responsibilities.

  • We have to do some work

    As agirl we have to work but is not evry think because the girl can get tired and say that she is no more doing any thing at home a boy have to learn to work even though he has some thing that he should not do but before living the house he should do some houschoirs thanks

  • Should be 75/25 split

    Most women that aren't femi-nazi's will want or feel obligated to do most of the work but, making them do all the work is just to extreme. But don't forget that most men are the ones with jobs and usually are obligated to do more physically demanding: yard work, fixing stuff, etc. which women should help with too. Like the household I was raised in my mom did most of the housework and my dad did yardwork which I find the fairest distribution of work.

  • It is 2016

    Equal world, equal pay, equal ppportunity, equal equal equal!! When both men and women work outside the home, chores should be shared Evenly And fairly. What is the point got fighting for equality ? Men need to understand this is not the 1809s where women just stay home. It's different now!

  • It is not fair

    Men should get up, stop being lazy and do more work around the house. It is not just the womans job. Women have a life as well. They cannot be stuck at home doing house work. Men should help their wives by doing some work as well and dont just leave it to the women

  • Women should not do all house work

    Most men these days are getting really lazy for example the women might have a job and the men might have a job so that doesn't mean that men could be lazy and do no work further more basically that is just treating the women like a slave because the man is not gonna make a mess and just try to make the women clean up after them. Women also have a life and should be able to live it just like the men are able to live there life with out having to do any work.

  • No they shouldn't

    No, women should NOT do all the housework because it isn't fair. The old fashioned idea of women should do all the house chores shouldn't continue to exist anymore because the world is becoming more modernized and so shall our minds be. Men should help women do housework since men is also part of the family.

  • They shouldn't have to

    Either the woman or the man can stay at home or work. It's not fair to say that the woman has to cook and clean, and it's not fair to say the man has to work and bring home all the money. Marriage is a partnership. A lot of people seem to have very traditional views, which isn't always a bad thing, but traditional views tend to be unfair to groups of people.

  • Men need to help out too

    Just because women do all the housework does not mean a man can not touch a thing. He needs to get up and do some work too. Women work so hard as it is. We go through a lot. Real men would help their women clean the house. This proves that he is not living to be a slob.

  • Only if they want to

    There are plenty of women out there who like that "housewife" feeling. I think lots of people neglect freedom and what different people want to do differently than others in debates like these. If a women does want to do all the housework, let her, and if she doesn't, then pick up your clothes and crumbs and get scrubbing. I only say No because there are different women out there who have different thoughts.

  • Clean up your own mess!

    I like to do certain things and my wife likes to do certain things. If you and your wife are arguing about who does what around the house; you need to just get a divorce and save each other heartache. I do most of the outside stuff, but if I needed help I would just ask my wife and of course she would help. I do all the vacuuming inside because my wife hates vacuuming. Point being, if you are arguing about cleaning the house, you have much bigger problems than house cleaning!

  • Not just women should do all the housework

    I don't think 'housework' has anything to do with men or women. We live in the 21st century, our homes don't involve just women and men anymore, they involve families, single parents, straight, gay people etc. So it's not justified to say that 'women' should do all the housework. I think whoever is involved in the house should share their part of the housework, it might be the children, your roomate, your partner whether they are a woman or not.

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