Should women do two-years mandatory military service?

Asked by: thjane28
  • I say true equality

    Why national service is always related to the military? There are many things that need to be done and that can be done by a woman. A Carer in an aged care home, I am not talking about nursing I mean the people that assist the elderly by reading to them or feeding those who cannot manage on their own or cleaning city gardens or picking up rubbish in national parks. I hear a chorus of “How humiliating”. But it is no more than being belittled buy a sadistic drill sergeant, and each day would have to start with an inspection parade just like the men. Why not I say, they have the vote don’t they, and two years away from their ‘chosen’ career or studies would be equal wouldn’t it.

  • Standards are already low for women who want to join the military.

    Because of this, women are not prepared for the hardships that come when you are called in to journey over rough terrain with a 50 pound plus pack on your back and a rifle at your front. So to make up for that, they need some additional training to prepare them as much as the men. I'm not being sexist. I'm stating that women are already given the okay to enter battle, but not as prepared as the men are. I do NOT want to put my life in the womans hands if she cannot drag me or any of my other buddies to safety. And neither does my gf. And to make up for that, the others in her squad have to do HER job because she is physically incapable (even if they are on the other side of a heavily under-fired street)! And to top it all off, due to male instincts he is obligated to defend her under any cost. Even risking his life and possibly even the objective! Ladies, do you want your man dying for some other woman because she couldn't complete her task? Of course not. So it would do GREATLY for women (and weaker men) to go an extra two years to help them better prepare for the hardships ahead.

  • I don't see why not:

    Considering the civic application of self-defense martial arts and physical fitness as well as being able to properly use firearms and other weapons and tools I can say with certainty that there would definitely be a positive effect on the overall health if females were called to serve a mandatory term. It only makes for a stronger, more disciplined, and more capable person.

  • No one should

    No one should be required to join the military. The fact that rights and laws are based off of who is killing people and who isn't just shows how messed up society is. It is assuming that for peace, there has to be dead people and war. It's really disturbing how hateful the world has gotten.

  • Of course not.

    Why can't it just be optional? Why just women? You can't force someone to do military service. I have no interest in the military, so I don't see why it would have to be mandatory. I have the most respect for the people who serve our country, but going to the military is just not my cup of tea.

  • No unless men are forced to aswell

    Men and women should be equal, therefore women shouldn't be placed through it if men aren't. Personally I think I should be mandatory for everyone, along with conscription for both sexes, in the event of war. It's the only way to make things fair. We should be making everyone more capable not just women

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