Should women fell ashamed of their body? That wearing 'revealing' clothes is an embarrassment?

Asked by: a_thought
  • Playing Devil's advocate

    No I don't actually believe that women should feel ashamed or embarrassed for wearing revealing clothing.I believe that women should feel what makes them comfortable. I'm only saying a counter-point because having everyone agree is boring. Women should feel embarrassed when wearing extremely revealing clothing because they should learn self-respect and shouldn't go out in public wearing revealing clothing and then get mad when men make cat-calls. Again this is not my actual opinion I'm only playing Devil's advocate

  • Yes, they should.

    As of being immodest. It inspires sexual conduct and arousal, especially in Men. Making it easier for rapists to spot out the hot ones. And for Teenage girls to be more infatuated with irresponsible boys. Making a higher rate in early pregnancy. Then then we will get into the heated topic of Abortion. It will ruin a girls life.

  • You shouldn't feel ashamed...

    However, don't be a slut. You can wear a tank top and shorts, sure! But don't just... Stop wearing clothes. I know everyone knows the type of girl I'm talking about here! Don't even try to say that you don't! There are those girls who wear their underwear in public!!

  • Oh the horrors of clothing that shows off your body. What where they thinking?!

    No. And my reasoning for this isn't because I am a teenage boy. My intentions are pure. Nobody should feel bad about wearing revealing clothes (unless maybe you're a child). If you find it more comfortable, or you find you feel sexy or good. Or what have you. Then that's great!

    If you prefer "modest" clothing, then that's also great. :)

    Same goes for men, if you want to show off what you got, go for it!

    If anyone wants to challenge me on this, let me know.

  • Why should they?..

    I may not be a woman, but I understand the struggles they go through daily. Slut shaming, cat calling, people telling them what they can or cannot wear. People should be able to wear what they want despite race, sex, religion, etc... But men and women should be aware that if they do not want to be categorized in a group, they should be careful what they wear. For example if a man were to wear baggy shorts, a tank top, a red bandanna, chucks with long white socks, don't get insulted if someone were to associate you with being a "gangster". Another example for women is that if you were to wear very very high booty shorts that literally reveal a portion of you butt, and don't expect men to look at you or call you names. With an outfit like that you are basically asking for attention, but somehow you think it's wrong when they look when you leave your goods out for the world to see. Just a piece of my mind :)

  • If Boys Will Be Boys, Then Girls Will Be Girls

    In my opinion girls should not be ashamed of what they wear. I mean instead of telling us girls how to dress so that we don't become a distraction to men or boys, you should teach boys and men alike to not over sexualize women because of what they wear. If a man wears a muscle shirt, or no shirt in public it's perfectly fine, but if a woman gets hot and decides to wear a tank-top or short-shorts, they're immediately labeled at 'sluts' and 'whores.' The double standard of this issue is crazy and should be thrown in the trash.

  • Same as men

    The female body is equal on the embarrassment scale to the male body. Anything that males are not embarrassed to show is not embarrassing for females. Modesty is important for both genders, so men and women should wear clothes in general, but there is no reason women should be ashamed of their bodies.

  • Its their choice

    They should be able to wear what they want to wear they should be ashamed or embarrassed to wear revealing clothing. If they like what they are wearing then let them. Good for them if they like their body and want to show it off but if its at a work place put something on that will be appropriate

  • Not a problem

    I must make this comment wordy enough that I can post it, so I am typing all of this before I state my opinion. I have to type ten more words, now four more, okay now I have enough:
    No matter what type of body anyone has there is nothing wrong with showing it!

  • No we should not

    I wear revealing clothes to certain places. We should not wear shirts that show cleavage, short skirts, short shorts, ect to certain places, but we can wear those things to other places. I am not ashamed to wear belly shirts, short shorts, short skirts and v necks to parties and various outdoor gatherings. I also wear pencil skirts, short skirts, tank tops, short skirts, and v necks to college.

  • Of Course Not

    What a woman wears is her choice and her choice alone. Her fashion sense, whether deemed appropriate by society's standards or not, should not be influenced by others. If she feels embarrassed by her body then she will not be wearing those revealing clothes, but even if she does, then we as a society should not judge.

  • No, but it is partially their fault for listening to someone say that.

    In this world you aren't allowed to feel comfortable about yourself, but that doesn't mean it is true. You just need to build your confidence and realize that listening to what other people say all the time will only make you feel worse about yourself.
    You should totally do what makes you comfortable and not worry about what other people think.
    However, there are some times where you should wear something appropriate, like in a work meeting (you should wear a suit.) Also there will be times you should listen to constructive criticism (not insults.)

  • Um... What ?

    Not at all. Nobody should feel embarrassed about there body.

    I do not understand why it would be embarrassing to wear revealing clothes. I mean if you are wearing revealing clothes then you must feel good about your body right ?

    Message me or comment if I read this wrong.

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