• Well of course!

    Wow, I'm surprised by the current numbers being generated by this pole. The idea that women are somehow worthy of equal wages is ludicrous. Men are clearly harder workers and therefore deserve higher wages. Anyone who says otherwise likely belongs in a place other than the professional workplace. Honestly, what are people thinking?!

  • Biological differences cause real world differences

    When considering whether or not to hire equally qualified men or women, one could either be superficial and hire based on one's attraction to either individual (a way in which women are privileged, though society never admits it, and an act that men commit more often than women). Furthermore, a man cannot get pregnant and have his productivity suffer as a result. Also to consider is the fact that in manual labour jobs, women will often be inferior to men due to their lesser physical strength. If one thinks that a counter to this point is simply stating that the majority of manual labourers are male, that only shows that women are privileged in that they and the rest of society are able to (figuratively) sit on the backs of these hardworking males.

  • They are, by default, women.

    At the end of the day, they are women, and anything they do can be done by a man with less qualifications.

    Unlike women, men do not introduce "gossip" into the workplace.

    Give them the right to vote, and they think they can go to work and create a hostile work environment just because they are lonely.

    From the Military, to the legal field, to private enterprise, there is nothing more overrated than a female worker.

    Yes, bark on and on about misogyny and unfair labor practices, but you know deep in your heart that women disrupt the work force like none other.

    And if you don't know anyone women at work like this, then look in the mirror, because she is you.

  • Women are useless

    Women are needed at the house for cooking and taking care of children. They should not even be allowed in the workforce. They are frail weak human beings and Inferior in every way to Man. Women are lucky to even be able to breathe the same air as men. And they are lucky that laws have changed otherwise they would be rightfully slaves.

  • Women should be paid as per their responsibility, position, mental and physical deeds but not on the basis of their color, caste, religion etc.

    Biologically women are considered to be less stronger than men so somewhere they will have to bear less wages than men but not in almost of the cases, some of them are quite stronger, creative, innovative and hard worker than men. But usually women prefer to less hard, challenging, risk under taking work than men!!!!

  • Women take pregnancy leave

    If a woman can't work while pregnant (say, due to the requirements of the work), she has to take a pregnancy leave. Suppose this leave is unpaid. Now the manager has to employ someone temporarily, train them, pay them, etc. and that costs money. To compensate for this, the woman should have a lower wage.

    Men don't get pregnant so this will never be an issue.

  • Women Suck Dick

    Women are very good workers, but at the end of the day, the only thing they should be payed more for is sucking dick, even this could be considered voluntary leisure. Unfortunately, in most common workplaces, sucking dick is frowned upon. Therefore this is not the place for the female species.

  • Women are bad

    Throughout history evil temptresses have destroyed the purity of men. From the very beginning of creation Eve was to weak and feeble to stay away from the tree of knowledge. She shouldn't have left the kitchen. The same goes for women today. They should stay in the kitchen. Get some

  • Its Complicated -

    Women get payed less than men not only for maternity reasons, but also for their color, caste or religion. I believe that these issues should be fixed, but women do deserve a slightly lower pay. This is because some take paid maternity leave, a 3-4 month time that they don't work but get paid, and often choose to stay at home, causing the business to find a new employee and costing it money. Women also are more likely to catch diseases than men, making them more likely to take paid sick leave, also costing the business more money. The fact of the matter is women are less reliable than men, and to compensate for this women get paid less.

  • Pay them less!

    Women take so may days offf. They waste our money and stuff. #savage like omf hold me down. .1 .1.1 .1 .1 1.1. 1. 1. 1 .1 .1 .1 .1 .1 .1.3.1 .23. 5.23 53q. 5. 3q5.35 .Q3.5q t.Feq.E t. .Gfe .F ..S he h..Wgr.Ww .Gwe. .E5he .Hw.E hewr.G.Er.Eg .Egr

  • Is Religion to Blame

    If this all boils down to religion, I'm going to scream. Its the same problem over and over again, because for some reason, in religions all over the world, men are superior to women, and men use this as an excuse for nearly every equality between genders argument. I'm not saying religion is wrong, but if it is going to be used as an excuse for men to abuse the rights of women, then it becomes a problem.

  • How could anyone say yes and not be sexist?

    Women are capable of doing anything that men can do. Look at the military. Men and women are both fighting on the front line, being involved in protecting our coastal lines, doing anything that men can do, so why should they get paid less? Because they have breasts? That's really the only difference is the physical appearance. Yes mentally they are different as well but when it comes to money and the working place, women know how to do their job, and do it sufficiently if they're willing to.

  • Women should be paid just as much as men

    I firmly believe that women should be paid just as much as men. The Constitution states that "all men are created equal". If we fail to treat woman as we treat men, we are violating the Constitution. Is this really what our founding fathers would want to happen? Is it really fair?

  • Of course not

    People's pay should have nothing to do with their gender. They are paid for the job they do. If a woman and a man do the same job then they should receive the same pay. I am pretty sure it is illegal in my country to pay so done less because they are a woman.

  • Who Thinks Like This?

    I'm a conservative and have been called out on it before on some of my views in differences between men and women that are biological based, but this is straight up discrimination. If a woman and a man can do the same job as effectively, why would she get paid less? There is only one real difference that I see and that's if she gets pregnant, which isn't a vacation for her and in a job with constant growth it may hinder her to not be in the office and that leads to missed opportunities. Wanting to decrease her pay after that is insulting.

    Now for a slight rant on the other side. My first job ever was in customer support with wheelchairs, children at the airport, then luggage at the peers for cruises. The job qualification was to lift 70 lbs, some girls wouldn't pick up bags above 30 lbs and my boss was OK with that. I'd break a good sweat when I got teamed up with a girl. Then there was this notion that women tag faster than men, because they are women, which I did not agree with 'cause I could tag faster than most. Which lead in me being slowed down throwing virtually all the luggage and having to help her tag. On top of this, women were considered the best "face" of our job by our manager and many times they would greet the customers with the luggage, this meant stopping mid-way everything they were doing and me having to double up my efforts while she made the customer feel welcomed. It was only a drop-off station, we didn't even need to interact with the customers, but because they wanted them to feel welcomed, half the time I'd have to still get the bags at the drop-off because she's interested in their cruise experience (we're not part of the cruise, but the airlines). My boss being a woman would never call them out on it, other way around, the didn't believe women had to lift 70 lbs and men were given two stronger arms for this reason. Almost got fired when I spoke back to her because we (some of us guys) got in trouble because the girls did not do much. From them on if I spoke against a girl my job was on the line. To top it off, she had this "coordinator" position made for a girl just to get paid a little more than the rest of us. A girl who barely spoke English (this is tourism for crying out loud) and had a "bad" back in which days she literally would refuse to pick up a bag. Is this equality? Not at all. Should they get paid less or get fired? I'd say it's on fair grounds. Who got recommended to another job after the company collapsed? Me and my brother's hard work.

  • This question is just asking whether we want to cause more segregation.

    I'm a male myself, but if women don't have that advantage, what's the point of them being humans? I thought the 4th grade saying was very clear: EVERYONE IS EQUAL - and yet people wonder if men should get paid more? So far, women's disadvantages are: small wallets, high heels, heavy purses... The list just goes on. Don't you think it's baffling that people hire men just because they are superficially strong and completely intelligent?

    I think all of you should ponder this question very carefully before leaping to any conclusions.

  • How do you win the genetic lottery?

    Why is this even an issue? Wow, I struck the genetic lottery by getting that 50% chance of being a man! NO. First of all, why are men even considered superior anyway? Throughout history, men have been considered higher than women, and women have striven to overcome that. We have gained so, so much since the roots of civilization were planted. We've gotten so far. And now we have issues like THIS still sprouting up. Why? Well, there are so many instances in countries suppressing women and preventing women's education. This happens because people know that women can become smarter than them and can tell all the men what they're doing wrong. Well, I don't think that's necessarily the situation. Feminists are women saying they want to be equal, not that they're better than women. Feminists are people who realize that "are you on your period?" is not a valid question because last I checked, a brain isn't located in your uterus. Women need to stop being objectified. Our purpose on earth is not to please men or make babies. We shouldn't need to be upheld to standards like what body type is best, what kind of underwear is best, that shaved legs and other parts are beautiful. We shouldn't have dress codes for things like short shorts because oversexualizing something as normal as legs isn't' right. And now women's pay is an issue? Where does that even come from?! If a woman is not as good at a job than a man, then sure, she should get paid less. That situation would apply to everyone, regardless of a gender. But the fact that women get less income than men is one cause of inequality today. We've been fighting for so long; why are we still fighting? PS. Women are not people with vaginas. Women are anyone who identify as female. And feminists are not just women. Feminists are all people--or at least, they should be.

  • Don't See a Reason

    Pay for work should reflect the amount, efficiency and effectiveness of work. Be it male, female, 10 year-old kid or 100 year-old man/woman or an alien. If in individual case, men give better output than women then he should be receive the deserved reward and vice-versa. It makes no scene to discriminate females as whole for their work. And i can think of any reasoning behind the idiot who suggested that women earn less.

  • Women should not get paid less.

    Women work just as hard if not harder. It is wrong to pay them less. They even have more strengths than men in certain things. You cannot deny women this simple right! This is so sexist. Women think a lot different than men. This can be beneficial to businesses and the job or career. Why not pay them equal for doing equal to or more work.

  • No that sounds like a bad idea

    First I can't imagine the hell that's going to be raised on the first person that says yes.
    Now, I think the question means to imply the woman and man are doing the same job. For example, a woman who works as the cashier in a McDonald's obviously doesn't get the same pay as a male lawyer or something of the sort. Also, I think it comes down to ability, such as, how well you do your job. I'm assuming that's also left out of the question. On the assumption that the woman is doing the same job and providing at least a highly similar output then there's no reason not to pay them equally. If they're doing a better or more high scale job then there's no reason not to pay them more.

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