Should Women Have All The Hard Roles and Jobs?

Asked by: Fomo
  • They should have the opportunity.

    Women should be able to have hard roles and jobs if they please. It is their choice whether or not they wish to take on those duties. Honestly, this should not even be a question let alone a poll. Of course women should have the opportunity and decision. Men and women should have equal options and opportunities.

  • Yes - Women include Men

    In today's edge women is able to shoulder any responsibility - she is working and has proved her competency from Home to LOC ( War ) and from sewing to flying jet . Hence they should have all right to hard roles and jobs. Why not ? There is no reason for NO

  • It should be based on ability rather than gender.

    Specialisation based on ability is necessary in society to maximise human welfare. I'm sure there are females who are suited for hard roles and jobs, and I wouldn't support policies or social expectations that bar them from doing so. However, as they are not in general suitable, I wouldn't support giving them all of these roles, either. The reverse also holds. I'm sure there are males who want to be nurses, and the number of male nurses has indeed increased drastically in recent years, which I don't see as a bad thing at all. With that said, women are generally more suitable for the job than males. There is no need to artificially create equality in any job market; let ability be the ultimate criterion as to who gets to produce.

  • All of them, no. That's unfair on both genders.

    I would love a role which is difficult, but if girls should get ALL the hard roles in life, I'm having that suddenly ripped away, no longer an option, and that would be very upsetting. Some men will be fine with it. But I and several others won't.

    Also, not all girls want hard roles. Some find the easy life best. So now they have to fill in the spaces for hard roles in society? That's bad for them, it's bad for us. Yes, they should be able to have any positive role they want in society, no they should not have all of them.

  • No it should be based on your own choice

    Women should have the choice on whether or not they want a "hard" roles and/or jobs. Also this applies with men as well it shouldn't be mandatory it should be a choice you want to make not one that is forced upon you because of what sex you are. It should be equal not apart.

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