• I hope this isn't something that will still be debated in 20 years

    Every single human one this planet came from a dying star. We all are made out of the same organic compounds. We all need to breathe, eat, drink water, sleep, and a myriad of other things. Just from all that, would you say it would be fair to inhibit one type of human being just for being a different sex? I don't know about you, but the oppression of women is just really, really sad. We're all made out of stardust and yet women are still seen as "not as capable" even though they have existed just as long as men have. Truly mind boggling, if I may say so myself.

  • Yes they should

    BECAUSE WOMEN ARE AMAZING AND STRONGER THAN PEOPLE GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR! The women are expected to sta at home while the men are at work. Men get paid more for exactly the same job! My friend's mum had exactly the same b as a man and he got paid £15,000 more a year!!

  • Men wouldn't be here at all.

    Many people in the opposite side of this argument are saying 'Who would make us food?' You can make it yourself, just because you act all high and mighty doesn't mean that you are better than women in any way. Yes men can be stronger, and do a lot of labor, but that doesn't mean that ONLY men do. Not all women are stereotypes. Just because some are born with smaller bodies doesn't mean we can't be strong. We are all humans here, so let's act like it. BTW, MEN DO NOT HAVE VAGINAS, BLEED OUT OF THEM ONCE A MONTH, OR SQUEEZE BABIES OUT OF THEM. HOW WOULD YOU MEN LIKE IT IF YOU HAD TO PUSH A BABY OUT OF YOUR PENIS?

  • Think for a second! We are all human!

    Women are people to. We are living people. God did not want a unfair world he wanted peace and equalness. Can you really look at a living women and say she doesn't matter. That she is an object. How would men like it if we treated them like nothing. And yes women are treated a little more POLITE than men.That is because we barely have anything so we saw the gentleman in the world and they saw us too and decided to be kind. And people who are upset that men can't hit women, guess what? It's their fault. If you guys made women equal then there would be no need for it. Because for some strange reason we are known as weaker. It is simply not fair we get treated the way we do. With NO respect. We made every person alive. Without us you wouldn't exist. And you treat us like this. I don't get it. I'm not saying you have to treat us like queens but can you please show us respect. I am a human. You are a human. What is the difference. Because we have different body parts. So what?! I am sooo upset. We ARE humans. NOT objects. We ARE living things and we can rule the world too. We can be as great as boys can be. I will say no more. I am too angry. This never should have been a debate. We are all a human. We are all people. People that deserve right. Equal rights.

  • Women Should Have Equal Rights

    Women should have equal rights because they can do everything a man can. Some women are strong and some men are weak. Emotionally and physically. Women can be just as strong too. Remember Alex Morgan, Phyllis Wheatly. That ios why women can be just a intelligent, strong, as mena and should have the same rights.

  • Yes of course!

    As a women I definitely believe that women should have equal rights to men. We are just as capable and are just as good as men. Only those who still live in the Dark Ages would feel any different. Women still struggle to have rights equal to men and it is long past time for this to stop.

  • We are all equal

    If you disagree you are sexist maybe not all the way, but yes. Why can't we have equal rights? We are all people just like you. We do the same work, but yet not the same pay only half? Unfair. We can do anything you can. Some girls are even stronger than some men. And bringing the bible into an argument is not a fact btw. Some people are not religious. But any way, my point is we are as equal as black to white. We are all people. Haters just hate

  • Yeah? Why not? && I'm not even marginally feminist.

    It's not entirely obvious that one could assume that men and women are equal. There's a fairly significant amount of differentiation between the sexes.
    But, given that there probably aren't any negative repercussions of giving women equal to male rights under law, it doesn't make much sense to deny women those rights if they've asked for them.

    That being said, anything further (the direction that feminism appears to be going) beyond equal rights, into female entitlements to special treatment is probably unfair to men. But many men simply don't care under the philosophy of "Making Women Nod".

    *Fun Fact:
    It used to be that women did worse in school than men.
    Men said that this was because men were more intelligent than women.
    Then as a result of feminism, schools attempted to tilt the scales in favor of women, so that they would perform better (more equally).
    But this tipping of the scales extended past equality, as now women fare significantly better in school than men.
    This is largely dismissed under the notion that women are just smarter than men, or more determined, or something like that.
    Perhaps that isn't very fair.

  • Same Standards All Around

    I believe women should have the same rights and equal rights compared to men. While psychologically and anatomically we may be slightly different, I do not believe that one is more important than the other. I think men and women are capable of completing the same tasks and should be afforded the exact same rights.

  • Yes they should.

    Women should have equal rights to men. Women should be able to get all of the benefits that men do such as increased wages at work and the ability to be promoted easier. But with that women should also have to take the bad with it such as being able to be drafted.

  • Woman Rights No

    First Timothy 2:12. They don't deserve the right because it is not a god given right. You should not be talking unless you were consulted by a male such as husband and/or father. It is not in the bible therefore it should not be brought into effect in the modern world

  • Women's Rights Are

    Completely stupid. I was a female activist and I can tell you women are 100% inferior to men. They can not perform as well physically, mentally or even emotionally as men. They have weak bodies and weak minds. It's why women could never be president or anything of actual importance to America, or any other country out there.

  • No way, hell no

    They already have to many rights, we should take some away from them if anything. They already receive special treatment from men and society just for being women but that's not enough, they always want more and more until one day us men will be left completely powerless (as most married men already are).

    I can't believe people are even considering giving women equal rights..
    They are physically weaker and mentally all over the place due to their hormones. Men and women are completely different creatures, how could we ever share equal rights. Men run society and women have children and raise the next generation. This is the way nature intended it.
    Women are not to be trusted Period.

  • Why is this being debated? No way!

    Science has proven that we are more emotional than men due to our hormones. I think we women can learn knowledge and apply knowledge...Hence the reason there are smart kids in school that are girls, but decision making and reasoning skills are contingent on emotion. Men can reason, we can not!
    I don't think we should have ever been given the right to vote and we definitely shouldn't get equal pay in the workforce. I hope someday women will realize this as I have and go back to their defined roles in society...Servants to men!
    I have and I'm happier. My fiancé treats me like a queen and I am HAPPILY his obedient servant.

  • Help my kids

    My kids have been assulted by several milk tanks as the previous comment has said, these miltanks are a big problem, want to know who is not helping with this problem? Thats right the females they are hopnestly so selfish why cant they just bodyslam the miltanks. And someone in my class keeps looking at my work like3 go away

  • Dem Pokémon Do

    Male Pokémon are way better than female Pokémon then there is the he/shes like Ditto. Also the real housewives taught me never to use a Milktank because they are really annoying in the second gym battle in Pokémon Soul Silver. Also Michelle bridges is a tough soldier in the European army.

  • Aw hell no.

    A gender that lives a life of parasitism and contributes nothing but childbirth should have very few rights. Whenever they talk its about something uninformed, inane drivel. They have not a single original thought and all live in a collective mentality like that of ants. They are simply an excellent money making machine for men. Who makes all the devices women love to waste their lives on? Men. We learned many eons ago that women will be led wherever we tell them to. Now when they fought to get the vote and other absurd 'rights' they squander the positions and money just to further their own agenda. Look at 3rd wave feminism. The single greatest detriment to the western world. No modern western feminist has ever had to fight for any goddamn 'right''. Your given advantage in every sphere and still complain when things are not going your way.

  • Women Are Stupid and Useless.

    Women can't do what men do, they are useless, all we use them for is cleaning, making food and reproducing. They should just stay at home in their kitchens preparing food for the more dominant men. Overall i have to say women are practically useless as a species, only needed for reproduction.

  • Women should have

    Equal rights because everybody says no because we are more prone to weakness, this is a well known fact, women are born smarter and stronger, and don't say no because of god! Girls are strong and independent so if you don't think we should have equal rights, out your head in the right place girls should be treated with equal respect!

  • Women need to respect men

    Men are superior to women. I AM a woman! I am not ashamed to admit that. I have crusaded against women's rights for quite some time. It's a man's world and us women need to learn to respect it. I feel there is no harm in letting a man control me, and make all the decisions for me as long as I respect and obey him. My boyfriend is so sweet and kind to me, but he loves that he has full control over me.

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