• Time for change!

    Religion and basic biology are the seeds to gender stereotypes. Women have come a long way since they earned to right to vote in 1920. Men AND Women should have good societal roles. Screw "traditional" roles! Although things are changing, society is still stuck in the 50's. TIME FOR CHANGE!

  • Of course they should

    Women are just as good as men, gender doesn't matter, we should all be equals! If you still have the belief that women are weaker etc try to educate yourself, you're sticking with an old belief in a new world. Explain why we're weaker? We can do anything a man can do. The fact that people still believe women are weak is disgusting, grow up.

  • Diversity never seen before

    If women soon gain managerial job positions, a completely different style of leadership will be brought to the workplace and to society as a whole. A more motherly instinct will be present and prove as a strong fit for many businesses and companies. The economy will see a benefit from this as a different number of businesses will see success under these new female leaders.

  • Woman should have equal roles not specifically higher.

    You cannot presume just because a woman is a woman or a man is a man they will have a set way of managing a company. In fact it's sexist to presume that woman would do better. It should be seen that the person with the best standards (qualifications Ect) should be excepted a job in higher positions it shouldn't depend on gender. And if a man or woman complains that because they are of a certain gender they should get a high position in either a company or government issues then they probably are slightly big headed of their own gender.

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