• Is this serious?

    Should ice-cream be stored in a freezer?
    Should I eat raw chicken?
    Should children be allowed to go to school?
    Should men drive cars?
    Should men play sport?
    Should men vote?
    Should women eat and drink?
    Should women speak?
    Should people be allowed ask questions that have such obvious answers?

  • What year is it????

    How sexist can you be? Of course women can have jobs! Men are in no way superior to us. We are not at all required to have children, and cleaning and cooking for our husbands are not our responsibility. Grow up and do your own damn work. A woman's place is wherever she wants to be, whether it is the hospital, science lab or Whitehouse.

  • Yes They should

    Women are just as good as men at their jobs and if we didn't allow them we wouldn't stand for what we say we do and also men can also stay home to teach their kids thats why their are male teachers and that is why the should be able to have jobs

  • Why not? Here's why:

    Your argument for women not having jobs is completely pointless. Mothers are not the only people who teach their children life lessons. If your argument were true, then men would also not have jobs. Both male and female can cook and clean. It is not a "woman's job". The thought of that is so ignorant. And woman can be just as strong as men. I know females that are so strong, they could out-wrestle you. With inflation the world goes through, it is difficult for both partners to make enough money to feed themselves and/or their family. Without woman, it would be harder to earn money. And when women are at work, their children are at school, learning. So why shouldn't women have jobs?

  • No of course not!

    We can not let the government take advantage on us, and let their own spies take our jobs. Yes, that is right, all women our FBI agents. All of them. "Women" is actually spanish for "FBI agent". Even if they don't know it. IF we let this happen- wait some people on the no section aren't trolling? WHAT? PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE WOMEN SHOULDN'T HAVE JOBS?

  • No they shouldn't

    Because they need to be at home teaching their kids life lessons, because if shes working she doesn't have anytime to spend with her kids, and also she needs to be cleaning and cooking. Lastly a women isn't strong enough to have a man's job, we need men to do that.

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