• Women cutting their hair has caused me personal grief

    I am a natural-born male with soft facial features. I dress normally and like a male and I have a masculine haircut, but everywhere I go people have been calling me "maam," as in they think I am a female. It really bothers me that I am being mistaken for a female because there is a new movement in the world right now for women to cut their hair short. I really don't deserve to live in constant fear of being known as a female wherever I go and I wish I didn't have to deal with it.

  • I'm saying yes because the mouse was closer to it!

    Does it honestly matter how someone has their hair? It's personal preference, really. I have short hair and everyone I know hates it, but it doesn't matter to me. It's my hair. I'm the one who has to deal with it (and it's easy, really)! Is there some sort of religion that says women have to have long hair? If there is, then yes, don't be unfaithful to your religion. Otherwise, it honestly shouldn't matter.

  • You are all questionable people

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  • Women need not have long hair.

    I am a girl and i really do not think that women need to have long hair. There are women who feel its a tough job trying to grow hair so they keep it short. And whats wrong in that. A male is not going to judge you by the length of your hair. And trust me women look beautiful no matter what their hair length is.

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rosiestan says2014-01-25T05:00:19.880
Women should indeed have long hair as it makes them more beautiful. Hair is one of the essential part of our body and for women they are really very important. There are many women who suffer hair loss but they can overcome this by getting hair extensions to make their hair longer and fuller. Get more details on these extensions at online.