Should women have the right to do everything men do?

  • Everybody is entitled to the same rights

    I think everybody is entitled to the same rights, and yes of course men and women are different and have different capabilities. I think I as a woman should have the right to at least attempt the things that men are known for even if I'm rubbish at them. Also I think it would take a long time to make a definitive list of all the things men are allowed to do that women aren't and vice versa.

  • Women are just as good as men

    Women can do anything a men do just as well, maybe even better. Women usually control households, cook, and work. There is no reason that they both can't be treated equal. We all have rights as humans so why can't we all be treated with the same rights as everyone else

  • Ladies and Gents

    We live in America, home of equal opportunity and all that bull crap. Look, I want to leave America ASAP, but I want to leave it the way it should be. America is a place of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to Pursue one’s dreams. It doesn’t matter if they’re better or worse than men at any job (though I can personally vouch for the fact that a few dumbasses at my workplace could easily be replaced with some semi-intelligent women even if they don’t have the ridiculous strength these two morons possess), the point is that America was based on an IDEAL stating that Americans would be free from the control of others, and now that we’ve even expanded voting rights and rights to property to women, it is irrefutable that this is a dream women can share. Women should be allowed the opportunity to do anything men can do, simply because if they are better at something than a man is, the man should be replaced. It should also work the other way around as well, obviously. Anyway, I guess I’m a strong advocator for TRUE equal rights, so along with equal pay in the work place must come things like signing up for the draft at 18yrs. So if women say they are ready for equality, by God, give them equality, I truthfully hope they do want it because we need all the numbers we can get. (Personally, I must say that I do think they’ve been ready for it for a while now anyway.)

  • Women are equal.

    Women are equal if not better then men. Women can give birth and do almost everything that a man can do. I come speaking as a man and i say this. They can work just like men, eat the same as a man, and even exercise like a man. So why ban women from doing things that a man can if men can do less that a woman.

  • Yes. Women deserve to be treated and respected as much as men are.

    Women can do anything that men can do, so why not let them? Everyone seems to complain that work isn't getting done, but when a woman tries to help, they get told no and shamed. This has happened to me multiple times, and it makes me MAD. If we were just given a chance, a change could be made withing a world that needs it. I'm not saying that men don't do enough. I'm saying that no matter how many men are working, we still need women to step up and not be shamed for it.

  • Yes They Should

    Women can do anything men can, so why shouldn't they? Is it to preserve the mans ego? Because we can do better than them? So yes, women should be able to do anything men can do because there's no real reason we shouldn't . There's no good real reason anybody, regardless of gender, shouldn't be able to do what everyone else does.

  • Yes they should

    They should because if they think they are up to the challenge then they should be able to because this is America where we are free and able to choose what we want to do as legal citizens of the United States so that is why they should be able to do what ever the other equal sex can.

  • Women are just as good as men

    Women are just as good as men the only difference is that women can give birth yet we are treated like we know nothing lots of women also outperform men in stressful situations and tend to have a more positive outlook on life also women tend to give better directions than men

  • But they shouldn't

    I don't align myself with the "feminist" movement at all, but I do believe in people's freedom to do what they please. Women should have the right to do what men do, but that doesn't necessarily mean they should do it. Men are stronger and typically more athletic. A man is much better suited for working in a physically demanding job such as construction, but a woman should have the right to pursue a career in a physically demanding line of work if she feels she is capable of it.

  • We live in America a country known for granting rights to all human beings

    Men and women are both human beings. Women can do lots of things men can do like engineering and being a police officer. Besides gender specific roles like having babies. Those fields are trying to bring more women into them. Women on average have higher IQs than men do. There's no point in being sexist because everyone has potential and our country is supposed to provide equal opportunities. Equality is justice for all in the US.

  • No, because men can not do everything that woman can do.

    It seems unfair to allow women into traditionally male dominated activities, and organizations, because the traditionally women dominated organization are also not allowing men into their groups. For example, there was a massive move by feminists to allow girls into the boy scouts. However, there was no such move, to allow boys in the girl scouts. However, the feminists hold strong to the idea that the men are “oppressing them” even though they are also oppressing the men. Each group, is different, and they need their own places to be without the others. Most people who say that girls should be able to do everything that men can are lying hypocrites, as they don’t seem to want the men to be able to do what they can, meaning that they are not fighting for equally, they are instead fighting to be better than men.

    Posted by: DBI
  • Biologically We Are Very Very Different

    Biologically, men and women are very different from each other with different functions. Naturally (in pretty much every animal - not just humans) the female is the mother and the father is the leader. So technically it's impossible for men and women to both have equal rights afterall naturally both genders have to serve different roles.

    In terms of education and things like that, yes both genders should be given equal rights. However, there are some things that the two genders do separately. You don't see many male beauticians so why is it suddenly deemed as unfair when a woman isn't as popular as she'd like to be for becoming a rugby player?

    Males and females, not just in humans but in every single animal in the world, have their own jobs and things to do. Men and women are different and have different jobs and functions for a reason - it's not sexist at all, it's just nature.

  • No because it's bad

    We are sexist. There are only a few things that women are better at men. Just like there are few thing men are better at then women. Otherwise there they same. Were still all human. With the same cognitive functions. So just let them do what they want to do.

  • Sympathy is Man is to be of good-nature is of men as Empathy is Woman is to be of good nature is of women.

    No, I say as men can do as the man can and women can do as the woman can.
    So this game of chess that I have been playing with my helicopter parent father is not with my father, "after all." It was a friendly game with my mother? Screw Sigmond's bull sh#t. Screw your own Mummy with all its rags for all I care Freud.
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  • Yeeeeee women good

    There no point in being sexist. There are only a few things that women are better at men. Just like there are few thing men are better at then women. Otherwise there they same. Were still all human. With the same cognitive functions. So just let them do what they want to do.

  • Women have the right to do what they can do not what they think they can do

    If women wanna do what they think they can do simply because a man can do it. Women please go for it don't wait and say i can do it too. Talking won't solve any of your problems just go for it and try to do it, If u succeed then no one can say you can't do it so u can keep doing it and if you don't succeed just give it up and let the person who can handle the task, The job or the mission go for it because there is a huge difference between a man and a woman in the physical and biological shape and strength. And with difference i mean equality too. So do what you can do and leave what you can't do to who can do it

    Posted by: Jxb

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