Should women have to do more housework when married

  • Yes yes yes

    Woman are only used for breeding and cleaning. The only thing woman can do with there brain is remember recipes. Woman can't do any physical labor and can't be in a field that requires half a brain. If a woman should leave the kitchen they should be raped and once they have your child killed

  • Yes women should

    Men work, Women stay home, Raising kids not that hard, Get over it, Or get job nye? Dsf
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  • Depends on situation

    If the women does not have a job and is not paying the bills and insurance, Then it seems pretty reasonable that the women should at least keep the house clean since they are basically free loading under marriage.

    Or the women can claim she is oppressed and enslaved by her husband, Divorce him, Take half his stuff and get off scott free like most women in america do today and blame the patriarchy and everyone else for their actions and lack of financial sustainability.

  • You do the same

    Hey dad I need my ponytail braided! Dad I need you to clean and iron this dress/shirt.
    No you ask your mom because she can do it and do a better job than your dad. Even families with a single dad know that you need a mommy's touch.
    This is more realistic. Hey dad my car won't car won't start. He dad can you move this heavy furniture over there. Hey dad can you mow the lawn.
    Do women work harder than men at home? Yes.
    Do women like to do a better job than men at folding clothes and cleaning their children? Yes.
    Do wives need a break and some help? Yes. I help with I can do.
    I can do heavy work with my hands and bring home the money.

  • Treated like maids

    When women do all or most of the housework they're treated like maids and get to spend less time with family, Friends, And other loved ones or people they know, Also after they do it a lot they think its a routine and do it a lot daily which means its hard to get men to do housework as a fair share with women, Please consider this

  • . . . Is that so?

    Your answer is a very one sided thought. You gotta look at the whole spectrum. A dad can do just as good as a mom, Doesn't matter who works and who doesn't. If you are thinking a Dad can't iron a dress or do ponytails, You got another thing coming. My uncle, Who happens to have 7girls and 1 boy, Is a stay at home dad more than the mom. Still he doing the same a mom can do for his kids. . . So gender doesn't matter. Mom should not have to do more "Housework" just bcz she got married. Cz idk about you bout when les and gay marriage is legal idk who staying home, Rip.

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