Should women have to wear makeup to show they've put "effort" into their appearance?

Asked by: SmittenForSmush
  • At least a little bit.

    In today's world, even what is called a "natural" look implies the use of some makeup. A face is the first thing a person notices about another; even before any well-groomed clothes or tidy hair. Women needn't gave to cake their face with two layers of foundation and three layers of rouge to show their effort. However, some amount of makeup can go a long way. A little bit of mascara or lipgloss can show what effort they've put. Even some chapstick for dry lips or concealer for dark circles can show this.

    How much makeup women apply is a matter of their preference. But at least some makeup applied can create a first impression that yes, the person does put effort into her looks.

  • Not at all.

    The only "effort" anyone should have to put into their appearance is brushing their hair and teeth and dressing in clothes without holes, and that only being for a professional setting. In a relaxed setting, no effort should be needed at all. I see wearing make-up everyday as more of a waste of time than something that shows "effort".

  • Women should not have to wear makeup to show they've put "effort" into their appearance.

    Women should not have to wear makeup to show they've put "effort" into their appearance. I think anytime we force someone to do something in this country, we are in the wrong. I think women should be able to decide if they want to wear makeup or not. With all the social pressure and media out there, women are forced to always look their best.

  • No, not really.

    I do use make-up, if I go out usually I do put it on, but when I go out without make-up, I still look like I've put effort in my appearance. As well as make-up you have smells, cleanliness, clothing and your hair etc. To take into account, with ANYBODY's appearance really!
    I think if someone really puts effort into their appearance, they don't even need to use make-up, that is when I tell that they take real pride/effort in their appearance!

  • Of course not.

    I think that women should express themselves in different ways - depending on their moral, religious, and general world views. And to show to whom? Society? I think society will judge women and women will judge society, just like everything else. "Have to" is a bit strong, too. I do declare, no!

  • There is a difference between effort and fake

    A woman can look good without makeup and wearing makeup is like wearing a mask. You are not showing who you really are and you are hiding behind this false wall. Some makeup can enhance features but to show that you are really putting an effort into your appearance, you need to show you happy and proud of how you look and that you won't be someone you aren't and hide behind a mask of makeup. Your appearance isn't just the outside, but the inside and a strong woman who can show she is not ashamed is the most attractive woman you could ever hope for.

  • There is more to us than our looks

    I don't have anything against the concept of makeup generally, I myself just choose not to wear it as I don't see the need to. My mum and sister oppose this as they feel that makeup is a way to enhance beauty, I don't disagree with this but as a 21 year old in a long term relationship I don't have any reason to "enhance" my looks as I like the way I look without it, I don't need to impress anyone nor would it give me a "confidence boost". However I have been told that I should at least wear it to interviews as first impressions are important, and that if i wear makeup I will look as though I put a lot of effort into my appearance and that will come off well. This I understand, but I don't see how if I am wearing smart and sophisticated looking clothing and have neat, well kept hair that the fact that I'm not wearing makeup would disregard all of that and I will look as though I have not put in any effort. If I turned up in sweats with un brushed hair then I would understand.

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1dustpelt says2013-08-14T20:27:29.643
Have to? What do you mean by have to? The government forcing them to?
SmittenForSmush says2013-08-15T10:52:05.490
I meant "have to" as in, does it have to be makeup that shows effort rather than the "have to" of women being forced to wear it or it being a requirement to wear. Sorry I didn't make that clear enough >.<