Should women in high-risk areas for sexual assault have access to free self-defense training?

  • Training for protection is great

    Free training for protection for women is great. It shows that the government is willing to protect its female citizens and is looking out for them. In addition, these women would do great to get firearms training and conceal carry for their own peace of mind. That would be the ultimate in self-defense.

  • I think so

    I don't think this is a bad idea at all. If you are a woman in a high risk area, learning self defense can't hurt. Why not give women the power to try to defend themselves? Women deserve to be treated fairly and sexual assualt needs to stop. Teach the women self defense.

  • Free self defense training a boon to woman

    Free self defense training would help women, particularly those in high-risk areas where there are elevated incidences of sexual assault. It can provide women with greater confidence. It can also give notice to potential attackers that women are better prepared. Lastly, women will have greater skills to fend someone off.

  • Yes, women in high-risk aresa for sexual assault should have access to free self-defense training

    Yes, women in high-risk areas for sexual assault should have access to free self-defense training to maximize their chances of being capable of defending themselves in case of an emergency. This training could be the difference between preventing the incident or the women having enough time to protect themselves until help comes along.

  • No self-defence training for women.

    Why only women? Young girls are just as vulnerable to attacks as are older females. This is the stuff they should be taught by parents and schools.
    If I'd had kids, they would have been taught to defend themselves from a very early age, using some very dirty tricks I taught myself when I spent 9 homeless years on the streets.
    My kids would have been taught to fight with the same tenacity and ferocity as the ratel (honey badger) and would have carried with them some very innocent-looking weapons to help them.
    People should only be permitted to have kids if they can prove that they have the skills and talents to raise them. Mine would have been taught such nurturing by being given baby animals to care for.
    They would have been raised much like Tippi Degré, in the African bush, with wild animals for companions, to be unafraid of anything and able to stand their own ground under any circumstances.

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