Should women in Saudi Arabia be allowed to drive?

  • Yes some Saudi women should drive

    If they have professional driving lessons and pass their driving tests for the country they are in they should be allowed to drive anywhere in the world. Being male or female is not the problem, learning to drive correctly is what all people need to do before using a car.

  • Equality between women and men

    Women and men should have the same rights . I live in KSA and whenever we need something urgent for my project we need to wait till 5 o'clock or 5 thirty just for my dad to come back home and then my dad sleeps for an hour so we leave the house at 6 thirty or sometimes my dad is too tired we can't leave meaning that I can't submit my project because don't have a cardboard to do anything so I think that us women should drive in KSA so we won't lose our time . Another reason is : some women live alone , so we don't have any men to pick us up to go to the supermarket or to go outside

  • They should drive because statistically shows that 61% of women drive better than men. Men can also get lost in the desert.

    You cat say women can get in the desert and react differently in emergencies. Women can know better than men in these situations, and as men, women will get licenses and get trained to drive. There has to be equality it is not just men are stronger so women need to be protected, what! Women should drive.

  • Yes it should be allowed

    My mom is a single mother who had to raise three kids and she had a job from eight to four am along as well. The taxi drivers were always too costly and she also had to go out on the road to get one, sometimes the used to give dirty looks to her.Hence I strongly support women driving as petrol is also cheap in ksa and with her job she could buy a car as well but because of the stupid restriction she is banned from doing so

  • Everyone has a right to do what they want

    I just don't understand, if men can drive, why can't women. God has made us all equal, and if us women can't drive then how are we equal. Yes some women drivers may be referred to as "dangerous" but does that not mean men are not "dangerous" drivers too. Same applies in Saudi Arabia, women should be able to drive because they have a right to

  • Yes they should

    Because a woman needs to be able to be independent and not rely on the male in the family. What if the male isn't available, how will they go out. Hiring a private driver is costly and not all of them are 100% safe. Women need to go to work, go shopping, and be more free in this country.

  • Women should have the same rights as men

    Yes, women in Saudi Arabia should be allowed to drive. Granted, the rights of women in other countries have not caught up to those in the United States, they should have right to commute. The right will most likely not be bestowed upon them immediately and we should not push our culture on others.

  • Yes, they should be free.

    Yes, women in Saudi Arabia should be able to drive, because they are very limited without driving. Driving is a very important way to get around, especially for people who live in rural areas. Women who cannot drive miss out on many other fundamental opportunities. There is nothing about gender that makes some people, instead of others, better at driving.

  • Women are incapable of driving safely

    Women should not be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. They are dangerous especially in highways and react differently in case of emergencies. Saudi Arabia is a desert and it wouldn't be good if they women get stuck there. Driving is not a right, its a privilege and it should only be granted to people who are able to drive.

  • Woman should not drivw

    Firstly, women should not be allowed to drive because women are too emotional Woman’s feelings are connected with their reactions. Moreover they have different reactions from men that consider as weak reactions comparing with men’s reactions. For example if they have an accident or something they will not be able to cope with sudden situations and that will end up with more car accidents.

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lailadag says2016-10-10T20:40:51.907
Women everywhere around the world are granted the right by law to drive, Saudi Arabia is the only country that prohibits women from driving. While this issue has its advantages and disadvantages like all concerns, the disadvantages overweigh the advantages by a considerable amount. Women should be granted, by law, the right to drive, for obvious reasons. They are equal to men in every single aspect, they are definitely capable, and driving is a desideratum for the majority of women in K.S.A.

Men and women are equal in all aspects, thus, women should acquire the coequal rights to men. That flat out represents that if men can have the right to commute, then why can’t women? If women aren’t allowed to drive than that undermines the strength and vigor of women, making them feel underappreciated while men receive praise for driving. Women not being able to drive is an unfair aspect by all means, and should not be stood for.

People are opposing the idea of women driving purely because of them thinking that “women are dangerous drivers, especially in highways, and tend to react irrationally in emergencies”. It has been proven by multiple researches that women are far more safer drivers than men, and there is absolutely nothing about gender that makes people better at driving.

Driving is a necessity for Saudi women, because they live under male guardianship rules that puts many restrictions on their lives. If males are not available, women do not have any means of transportation since they aren’t allowed to drive. Driving is one of the most important ways of transportation, and if women can’t have access to this type of transportation this threatens their independency. In some cases, a single mom perhaps, or a family with low income that can't afford drivers, nor transportation fees, can experience great difficulties to go anywhere.

Women should be granted the right to drive. Women are equal to men, in addition to also being as capable as men are. Driving is essential to all human beings regardless of gender.