• Yes yes and yes

    Think about it. Men don’t have to go through all that hard work of hitting on them just to see their b00bies. The full package is just right there in front of them. Plus women will save a lot more time and money without spending all day at the mall shopping for clothes and the man or boyfriend won’t be dragged along with them

  • So many problems with this

    Problem number one what about the cold do you expect women to just freeze problem number two it will prematurely sexualize kids what are they gonna do not go outside problem number 3 you would shut down so many jobs in malls and other shopping centers that would just hurt the economy for no reason and so many others I could go on for ages do you

  • Absolutely not. Put on clothes thot.

    Women should act modestly in public. A woman flashing themselves in public is the complete opposite of modesty - it is unladylike and utterly repulsive. It angers me how feminism and the sexual revolution have allowed for people enabling this sort of degeneracy - I don't care what people do in the bedroom, But don't bring it into the public eye.

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