• Yes, of course, if the man and woman are truly in love, the age factor should not be a hindrance.

    The notion that women should marry someone their age or older is an old one that does not recognize the changing nature of societies in the modern world.

    The nature of romantic relationships and families continues to evolve (single parent, same-gender couples, divorcees with kids marrying, househusbands, etc.) for example, and if someone can have a loving relationship with another person, that is most important.

  • Age should not be a major factor in marriage.

    There are many factors to consider before marriage that are more important than age. Compatibility, attraction and world view are just a few. Age is often just a number. Some people naturally associate with people much older than they are and some naturally associate with people who are much younger. They should not be prevented from seeking happiness based on age.

  • It should perfectly acceptable for women to marry younger men.

    It should be perfectly acceptable for women to marry younger men.Age should not be a boundary when it comes to commitment and love.Men have been marrying younger women for years and years so the other direction should be just as valid.In the 21st century tolerance should be the word of the day.

  • It's works, but not in the way modern feminism promotes it.

    The question here isn't CAN a woman marry a younger man, it's asking whether for, 90% of women, they SHOULD marry younger. There are a large number of marriages that work this way and probably work at better than they would were the 2 partners the same age. However, I'm addressing this trend in modern media and among the loudest feminists that are trying desperately to deny or somehow change the fact that there is a difference between women marrying older and men marrying older. As women get older their options, in general, are going to become more limited just as men's will, in general, become more numerous. Before too many women get ultra offended by this, think back to when you were in undergraduate and high school. Most of you would shun guys your own age and especially those younger because they're too immature. It's common knowledge that it can be very hard for a lot of young men to get laid and especially to get into a committed relationship. However, by the time these guys reach their late 20s and early 30s, and the women their age are willing to marry them, those women will be facing the same competition from their younger peers who also prefer the older guy over the boys their own age. This same trend continues as men and women age into their 30s, 40s, 50s. It may seem unfair, but youth in women is such a more prized attribute in women than men, that a lot of you take it for granted because you have no idea just how difficult it is for young men to get women their own age because the face the same problem that older women do of having to compete with both age brackets. Now, aided by the delusion of modern feminists, some women are insisting that when you get older, the fact that the game is not tilted nearly as much in you favor is some kind of injustice. It's not-the fact that all differences between the 2 gender don't play in your favor is not oppression, it's life.

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