• If they want to.

    Yes, I think that if a woman wants to participate in football, she should be allowed to. However, she should still be judged the same way a male who was trying out would be judged. I think that that is what is fair for both men and women who play sports.

  • Yes, women should participate in football.

    I believe women should be able to participate in football and other sports that are typically male-only. Provided that women can meet the physical demands of the position on a team, I don't see any reason why the female sex should be barred from playing. There should be equal opportunity among the sexes.

  • Yes, IF they can meet the physical requirements.

    Being female myself and a dear fan of hockey, football and rugby, I'll be the first to say that I can tank and tackle on par with the boys I grew up with. However! Let's not be silly. The vast majority of females were not meant to take the impact from a 250lb linebacker pummeling you at top speed. A woman's center of gravity is set lower and mobile to allow us to shift and minimize damage whereas men are genetically predisposed to take the hit. This isn't to say that there aren't women out there who could hold their own, it's just saying that I don't really want to see the Dallas cheerleaders getting tossed around the field like ragdolls just to prove a point..

  • But don't act like we owe it to you

    Women should not participate in football...Women should be allowed to participate in football if they can meet the requirements like everyone else).

    Don't come out like we owe you anything. Don't come out like you have something to prove. Come out like you want to play football, and play football better than your competition. Earn their respect and you will be respected on the field.

  • Its not about womens rights.

    I'm just gonna start off with saying that I am a female who has grown up in a massive football family. And with watching many of my family memebers who have played pro football, they have some serious injuries. Im not trying to be sexist, but women do not have the same ability to gain muscle mass and height that you would need to be safe. When I was little my father was going to put me as a running back, but my mother denied it and made me play soccer. Now I kinda thank her because with my competitiveness, i would of tried to continue playing in my teens. Now my brother who is almost 60 pounds heavier than me had a major concussion and has never played again... So imagine what would of happened to me. Yes a women can play too, but do you really think she is gonna play anything besides left bench? I am all for women's rights, but we need to face reality, I would rather avoid someone getting hurt, then trying to prove that females equality.

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