Should women pay more for health insurance than men?

  • More medical visits

    Women go to the doctor more and get more medical treatment than men. Just look at breast cancer funding. They receive tens of millions more that prostate cancer funding. Are men crying about that? Most men dont even know the color or month of prostate cancer awareness. The motto is men are expendable and should care more for women than themselves. Pink everywhere and not a mention of prostate cancer awareness. If you get more traffic citations you will pay more for insurance. Simple. But females cry to their daddy Obama "He gets to pay less than me WAAAA! WAAAA! WAAAAA!" And just like the mangina Obama is he gives his little girl exactly what she wants. Spitting in the face of men who have learned to just deal with ailments and avoid going to doctors. Not to mention the money they are spending is paying off. On average, women live longer than men and they have the nerve to STILL complain. GTFOHWTS! Women are so selfish, self-serving and greedy they dont even stop to think that men end up spending their hard earned money on them and women spend their money on themselves. How selfish and greedy can a human get. Talk about Scrooge. It sickens me to my stomach.

  • Yes, if it costs more to ensure them.

    As a general rule, the market should dictate the prices of things. If men and women do not incur medical expenses at the same rate, it is only logical that their average monthly premiums would be different. We should not let some sort of misguided ideology get in the way of the free market.

  • 2+2=4, It's simple math. But not in all cases.

    Insurance companies employ actuaries to measure and calculate risk, And price their premiums accordingly.

    Boys pay more for car insurances because they are in more accidents than girls, And statistically are a higher risk.

    Men pay more for life insurance because they die earlier than women, Thus being a higher statistical risk. Older people pay more than younger people for the same reason.

    Women pay more for health Insurance because they use the health care system more than men, And thus statistically a higher risk.

    I understand the numbers, But I don't care for the governments hypocrisy. If it's legal to price premiums based on age and gender risks, Why is it illegal to price premiums based on race and risk?

    If as an example, (insert race here) are statistically a higher risk than another race, Why does the government not allow insurance companies to charge this "group" more as well?

  • Women should pay more for health insurance

    We already have insurance systems based on gender and age for everything else why should health insurance be any different. For example males regardless of driving record pay more overall for auto insurance because men tend to have higher risk. Women tend to use health services more often then their male counterparts so logically they should pay more for those services. Furthermore unhealthy people should be paying higher health insurance rates as well considering they will most definitely need extra resources.

  • It's just simple math.

    If an insurance company can provide plans with equal cost to both genders, men will be paying more, and why should they. The deciding factor is not the gender but the cost.(The pricing system of a hospital is not always reasonable but that's a completely different topic). An insurance company is not a charity but business. They might do something out of humanity, but you can't force them to.

    People sometimes tend to get the wrong idea of sexism. They tend to think that if anything is different based on gender it is sexism. They are different biological systems and requirements vary(And that's not sexism). Providing different requirements for the same price is not something that can be done most of the time.
    The argument that females are born like that and its not a choice is not just crazy but dehumanizing as well. And if somebody makes it a sane enough argument, why should somebody else be held accountable for that.
    The claim that women find it hard to subscribe to a plan is true (because it costs more), but why should somebody (in this case an insurance company) be FORCED to bear that extra expense by themselves?(Hence, the concept of charities)
    Regarding child birth,I think that if a couple wants to make a child, both of them should cover the expense.

  • US Health care is a heavily sexist system favoring females, which adds additional cost.

    Women, because of their demands have unnecessarily increased the costs of US health care. Nationwide there are over 10,000 women's clinics, gyn clinics, and women's imaging/mammography centers staffed ONLY by female nurses, female medical assistants and female techs. Unlike men who must go to general medical practices (staffed mainly by the opposite sex) women insist that their mammograms only be done by female techs. They insist on not having male nurses, male medical assistants, male chaperones, etc. assisting they doctor in their GYN exams. What this means is there has been a tremendous duplication of the health care infrastructure to create these women only sites/offices because of women's inherent sexism and discrimination (toward males). Duplicate facilities, duplicate staff, duplicate administrators - of which all could be eliminated if women would just access the same clinics and health care that men use. Men are not afforded men's only clinics, yet literally there thousands of women only sites in the US. If women insist on segregated-female-only care that adds significant duplicate cost to the US health care system and they should pay for it. Until men are given the equivalent health care system for their needs women need to pay for the extra accommodations and facilities.

  • Yes, if the average is higher than it is for men

    Honestly, if men pay more for car insurance because statistically they are in more collisions than I believe it makes sense that if women ultimately cost more money than they should pay more for their health insurance. I can only imagine what a feminist would say if that were a new policy

  • Women Have more care needed

    They cost of a womans reproductive system is what drives the cost of their healthcare. The also need mammograms at a certain age, and are more prone to certian things like thyroid problems. Men are also less likely to seek medical attention when it is needed so they put less of a burden on the system.

  • We Cannot Base the Rules on Exceptions….

    Zooming out of health insurance, many of us already know that men and younger drivers are charged more for car insurance. Statistically speaking, men and younger drivers get into more car accidents than women or older drivers. While some women may not chose to have children, they are the statistical exception. Just like not all men or young drivers will get into accidents. The insurance companies set up their costs in light of these statistics. It is not sexism; it is math.
    A lot of insurances have policies that allow for cost cuts if the purchaser follows certain rules, such as no accidents in a certain amount of time for car insurance and no hospital visits in a certain amount of time for health insurance. Remember that insurances are a business as well, and have to provide for their customers, as well as making sure to pay their office workers, accountants, legal team, field crews, etc.

  • Price come with demand

    Women have a higher consumption rate for healthcare, thus raising costs. If one uses it more, the more one will pay. It is unfair to say men and women should pay the same price, but women will use it more.

    Let me make this simple. If women want to pay the same as men and use it more than men. Then women (especially the younger age group), must pay the same amount of car insurance as young men. Even though young men has higher risks of car accidents, which raises all young males car insurance rates. Both follow the same logical process of both paying the same, even though one party requires higher cost due to risk/usage.

  • That's so stupid. Women take better care of themselves

    This is also sexism on a biological level. Not every woman gives birth. Some men have wives who give birth and it's THEIR child, it's not her child and even if the father isn't in the picture, I bet it's conservative anti-choice people making these arguments. Would you rather they abort?

  • No, The Rates Should Be The Same

    Men's bodies and women's bodies are not the same. Sure, woman can get pregnant and give birth, but men also have unique conditions. Charging women higher insurance rates is a form of sexism. It's also just a convenient excuse for insurance companies to charge more and rake in more money.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, it's discrimination.

    Charging women more for health insurance is discrimination based on gender. Furthermore, charging even more for health insurance makes it useless. What's the point of health insurance if it's too expensive to obtain? A better solution would be socialized medicine so the cost of healthcare would be covered without paying insurance companies' premiums.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Women should not pay more for health insurance than men. This is very unfair in my opinion. Men and women are both just as likely to have health issues, so one sex should not be paying more than the other. This is completely unfair and there is no way to justify doing this.

  • Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...And we'll increase the cost of freedom because the demand has increased?

    It's true that women incur more health insurance costs than women do, and it's also true that men incur more car insurance costs. The difference is that you don't have to have a car, but women can't simply become men. In this country you have the freedom to seek out your dreams with the one catch. The catch is that you have to do your part to help others do the same. Even though you don't know 99% of the women in the world you still have a responsibility to help support them as a responsible member of society and as a "basic" civic duty. I don't drive a car and yet I still pay taxes to fix up roads and plow streets in the winter. I've never needed the fire department, but a portion of my income still goes towards my local firemen. This isn't liposuction, but basic care so that women can function at the same level that men do.

  • They Can't Help It

    They can't help that they are women so how is it right to make them pay more for health insurance? Similarly men should not have to pay more for car insurance over something they have no control over. Increased risk is not justified to raise rates if it's something beyond a person's control.

  • No. No. No.

    If the argument for 'yes' is because women have body parts that men don't have such as the part which let's women have babies then it's totally unfair since it takes a MAN and a woman to create a baby. You can't blame it on the woman just because she carries it. Also, if you argue that they use healthcare more and therefore, pay more, that's still unfair. They didn't choose to be born with breasts which causes them to have cancer.

    Why do women have to pay more for health insurance just because they have extra body parts? Why do they have to pay more to be as healthy as men?

  • What is the point of health insurance if you get penalized for using it?

    If the argument is that women use health care more than men... Is that really such a bad thing? Women take better care of their health than men in general because they practice preventative care. Women are also more likely to take prescription medication than men, but I would like to see what research considers "prescription medicine." A lot of women's visits to the doctor are forced. For example because I take birth control (which saves costs for everyone and btw I am not even at risk for becoming pregnant because I have a female partner), I am required to visit the doctor once a year at least to renew my prescription. As far a mammograms and papsmears - men also need preventative screening like prostate exams etc. They just don't do it - which is why we shouldn't be penalizing women for taking charge of their health.

    If we're going to bring up childbirth... Women don't create a baby entirely on their own, 1. And 2, not every woman wants to or will have a baby. 3, Gender-rating is not only sexist - it's heteronormative. I have a female partner. The reason I don't plan to have a baby is because we can't afford it. Our household is exponentially impacted by the fact that my insurance is $300 a month for a 28 year old non-smoking woman. It would be nearly $700 if my employer didn't help pay for 60 percent of the plan.

    Do you want to know how much my insurance would be if I were a man? $211. Once my employer pays for their share, it's $85 a month.

    Maybe women's premiums should be slightly higher, but it shouldn't be the difference of $400 freaking dollars.

  • No, women shouldn't pay more for health insurance.

    Gender should not be a deciding role in who pays more for health insurance. Women may cost insurance companies more due to pregnancies, but men should also pay into that coverage (overall) through their policies, as they are also involved in a child's conception. Charging more based on gender is discriminatory, and would reflect poorly on an insurance company.

  • It takes 2

    If we follow the argument that women should pay more because they have "the lady parts with which to have babies"- then I'll agree to women paying more ONLY if we can castrate the men who are in favor of raising the rates (while they are adding to the population).
    I find it totally interesting that men are ok with passing laws about what women should or should not do with their bodies. If men were the ones bearing children it would be a whole different picture.

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