• Yes, women should preach.

    I fully believe that women should be able to preach in church. The whole point of a preacher is to help people learn the Bible and to counsel. So it stands to reason that it doesn't have to be a man to get the Word across. As long as the person is well educated, gender shouldn't matter.

  • What's the difference?

    This may be dependent on the religion's own internal rules, but if it didn't matter (if the canon of the religion did not prohibit women preachers), women are just as able to preach as men. I see no reason to disallow women to preach whatever it is that they want to.

  • Yes

    Of course women should have rights, women should and will continue to have the same rights as men. We are all equal any women can make a man's work, it is unfair and ignorant to even think of women not having rights. They are what keeps our world moving around.

  • Yes, Women Should Preach

    Women should preach because they are just as capable as any man of delivering a good sermon. Even if a particular woman isn't good at delivering sermons, she should not be denied the right to preach because to do so would be to say that a woman's ability is not equal to a man's ability in every way. That whole type of thinking that says a woman should stay in her place is antiquated and ridiculous.

  • Yes, I Think Women Should Preach

    There should be no difference between men or women preaching their faith, provided they obtain the same level of education in their particular religious beliefs as men. Their opinions regarding the direction, guidance and propagation of their religion should be no different than a man's. How could one say that only a man can truly learn, educate and instruct others about their beliefs?

  • Why shouldn't they?

    I fully understand the religious reasons why women aren't allowed to preach , but they were written thousands of years ago. Times have changed. Women and men are seen as equal,so they should have the same job opportunities as men.
    Women can give just as good a sermon as men can. In some ways they are more suited to the job. Women tend tend to be more patient and understanding, which are important qualities for the job of a pastor.

  • Yes, women should be able to preach

    In the bible is says that man is to spread the word of God. In those time man was in reference to every one: men, women, and children. There is no limit to the gender or age as long as you are doing it right. The word of god is it not limited to just the male gender, women know there stuff and should be able to preach the word fairly.

  • No, or only to other women.

    The Bible is very clear on two points: Women are men's equals, spiritually, morally, socially, and intellectually, and 2) Women are not to be in authority over men in a church setting (as opposed to a workplace or political setting). We don't have to completely understand God's purposes to accept that it is so. It also hardly means that women are without influence, or that they cannot read and understand and instruct in God's Word -- women do all of these things.

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