Should women prioritize women's safety over men in life or death situations?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
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  • As i've said before gender is just a social construct

    Men and women are equal. There for a woman should not make the distinction that some how a woman's life matters more thank a man's life. This would be a result of a woman seeing an other woman as equal and a man as authority ideally this is not how it works because men and women are equal. This is sexist.

  • Women prioritize children and are impartial toward gender.

    Men are held to a standard to protect women and prioritize their safety in dangerous situation. Women are not mandated to prioritize one gender over the other so they may save whoever they deem possible. Children are put first before either gender. For a woman to prioritize women over men, Too would be sexist. It is inadvisable to prioritize your own gender over another.

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