Should women pro athletes get paid the same as men pro athletes?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • Yes they should

    Of course women should be paid just as much as men!!
    That is just sexism if men get paid more as women can do thing's just as well as men can. Just because of your sex shouldn't effect how much money you get paid. Women are just as good as men in every way as they are both athletic pro's and are just as good as each other but just a different gender. To those of you out there who will say that men should be paid more, you are sexist.

  • Yes they should

    Why shouldn't they get paid the same amount? Theyre doing the same work, same job, just a rediculous gap in pay between men and women. I dont get it? People just dont appriciate female athletes and understand theyre doing the same work as men athletes. Its just extremly unfair and sexist.

  • Overall, I think so.

    Women Athletes definitely deserve the amount of pay as men do. Same work, same sport, but it's the attraction to the spectators that truly matters. If we have the exact same amount of publicity to both men and woman's sports, then it should be equal pay. If we have more spectators watching men's sports, then men will automatically get more money because that's just how the system works. More publicity= more money.

  • Women Do Just The Same Amount Of Work As Men. If Not Even More.

    Personally as me being a female, I work out and train with guys and i push myself way harder than them. Yeah they might be stronger, but i know i work harder than any guy at my school. Everyday i have hitting and i pitch everyday and workout every tuesday thurday and sunday. I dont know any other guy who would give up his social life to do what i do.

  • Why should a woman work just as hard and get paid so much less?

    I understand the idea that the NFL and NBA pull in more money, but if the associations decided to promote female basketball and football more, it is possible they would build up a larger fan base. Equal pay for equal work. The sports women have been tapping into were created by men for men, so it's no wonder they're dominated by men today. The argument of women not being as good athletically is debatable, especially since we can't know that until it becomes tried and true by making sports co-ed and not segregating them. If we allowed professional basketball players who were female to start playing on male only teams, mixing up the gender ratios a bit, there's a good possibility the team will benefit from it rather than suffer. Female bodies have certain athletic advantages over male bodies, and vice versa. If you utilize players of the opposite sex based on their skills and strengths you will have a better team. By separating them you are automatically weakening your ability. If I worked just as hard as an NBA player and played the same position for a WNBA team, I would expect the same amount of pay to compensate that work.

  • Yes they should!!!!!!!

    Of course they should get paid the same they do the same thing and also most of them have the same ability. Women sport is not get sponsored as much as men's sport. I find it so sexest!! I hate how men think that they are better then most of us girls in sport but actually there not!!

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated

    Its hard work to be a pro athlete and I believe that because of the lack of pay the game looses interest most fans are intrigued they want to be in the presents of these millionaire athletes. The salaries these athletes get paid sends the message that they are not important therefore their game is not important and shouldn't be respected

  • Upping the prize money raises stakes and will beget a larger audience

    This post is focused on tennis. I think it gets murkier with sports like soccer and basketball where tournaments are not combined and the investment needed to lift the women's game is greater.

    Equal pay has contributed to a more positive culture in tennis. From the commentary staff to the court, the fact that women's matches are treated with equal importance by the value assigned to the victor and loser increases the stake of each match. This also means more people tune into watch women's matches. Even if there is a smaller audience for a Williams or Rwadwanska versus Murray or Nadal, the equal prize money has had to have lifted the interest in the women's game.

    This can only have helped the sport as a whole. More women will be interested in tennis, meaning they buy more tennis gear, meaning sponsorships deals go up for women (and maybe men as well). There are virtues to the women's game, as well: the matches are shorter, meaning it is less of an investment to watch them play, and there are some great stories in the game which also make it fun to watch, in addition to the intrinsic pleasure of watching.

    And I think that the debate focuses too much at the top, rather than at the bottom of the ladder. Where it matters most, I think , that women earn equal amounts, is not at the championship level, but at lower levels. Tennis players who hover around the 100 rank level do not earn very much money. To encourage women to continue playing, it is necessary to ensure that they get as much money.

    Studies have shown that women earn over $300 less per pro point than men anyway. So pay is by no means equal.

    I understand the points made by the 'nos', and agree the the greatest tennis we have seen has been match-ups between the four greatest men that have ever played the game. But the symbolism of paying women equally which engenders a positive culture cannot be denied.

  • Yes they should get paid the same

    Women should get the same pay as men because they work just as hard they as men do. Men may be better at some things but women are also very talented at sports as well. Its unfair for one to get paid more than the other. Its unfair and i'm sure it makes some of the women feel like crap and when people say that men are better and should get paid more. Therefore they should get paid the same.

  • Yeah they totally should!

    Look I've read your arguments and that plus my own personal knowledge makes me say definitely. Now I get how some of the money comes from entertainment programs but it is a little sexist to pay women less then men just because of gender. I mean you can deny it all you want but it doesn't change the fact that throughout our history it has always been 10x harder for women to make it in anything, unless guys think it is stupid or a "girls sport" (for example ballet, ringette etc...). And so I understand that they make more money from sponsors and that won't change unless more people start to like watching women's pro sports, but they could at least be equal percentage wise when it comes to how much money was made off the tickets/game. Guys get 3-5% more of what was made through the game itself then what women are.

  • No because men do more work than the women

    People say that women and men athletes do the "same" amount of work, but this is entirely not true, and I'm not trying to be sexist here but... If women want to get payed the same amount as male athletes then thats fine by me, but first you'll actually have to do the same work. First of all look at pro tennis players, the men have to play best 3 out of 5, but the women have to play best 2 out of 3. THIS is (one of the reasons) why females are payed less than males. There are other sports as well that have been modified for women to be able to play like lacrosse, the women don't have to use contact, but the men on the other hand do. Therefore the men are doing more work than women. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Their pay should be proportionate to number of fans, etc.

    Let's take a look at the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Each game: 50,000+ fans, each paying approx. $100 for entry, and most spending around $20 on concessions. Each game is broadcast, and the leagues are multi-billion dollar enterprises. Nobody cares about the WNBA. Male athletes are paid more than female athletes for the same reason that A-list movie stars are paid more than street performers.

  • No, absolutely not.

    The entertainment industry pays its performers based on level of talent. Men are more talented at sports and so they make more money. It's that simple.

    Saying women should be paid the same money for lesser performances is like saying your local HS band should be paid the same as the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

  • It just can't happen

    As a female athlete myself, I recognize that women's sports just don't generate enough money to pay its athletes millions of dollars. There's more competition to make it to men's professional sports leagues and far more people participate in them (ie, watching games, buying tickets and merch, etc.). I've just accepted the fact that men's sports will always attract more fans and generate more profit. It's not like female athletes are being oppressed and men are just paid millions of dollars more just because, they're being paid as much as they can be.

  • No because they don't bring in enough spectators or pay

    The tickets to see the women’s basketball team games cost $15.00. The Women’s Basket Ball gets $4,000,000 in ticket sales per season, but they get more like $2,000,000 because half of the games are away. Then the tickets to see the men’s basketball team games cost $50.00 and they get $32, 800, 00 in ticket sales yearly, (per team) PLUS the games are televised. We can already see in these examples from basketball that women are not considered as equal as men, and after expenses such as salary, taxes, promotions, ect… the women’s basketball doesn’t even turn a profit! If they can’t turn a profit how do they even keep playing? They can still keep playing because the men’s basketball subsidizes the women’s basketball to the tune of 12million a year. In 2007, Women’s basketball teams were estimated to be losing $1.5 million to $2 million a year. If they’re losing US money, why do they deserve equal pay?
    But this is just basketball, in Tennis, Gilles Simon a French tennis player explained women on average last ½ as long on court in a grand slam tournament then males. In golf women have to use a ‘ladies golf ball’ with 80% compression because they hit too slow.

  • The Economy Sets the Price

    Like any scarce commodity the market sets the price and so women are paid accordingly relative to how much attention they garner and what people are willing to pay for tickets. It is not equal, but people aren't willing to pay more to watch them perform which makes it equitable. Its a similar situation to basketball players getting on average paid far more than track and field athletes. They both devote their lives to their sports and it is unfair, but people are willing to pay far more to watch the basketball players compete then they are the track stars. If women athletes generated as much income for their respective teams/sports than I would agree but the reality is with few exceptions this is mostly not the case, and the female athletes that do generate such attention like the Serena Williams of this world are paid to the same level as their male counterparts.

  • Start Competing at the Same Level, Then We'll Talk

    Men perform at a far higher level than women do. This is a well known fact, as even a cursory look at world records will show. Men lift heavier weights, run longer distances, run faster, swim faster, play longer tennis sets, and so on. Paying women an equal wage for unequal work would be discrimination against men. First women need to prove they are willing to do the same job, then they will get the same pay. As it is, they are asking to earn around 20% more than men relative to their actual accomplishment.

  • No theres no way they could

    Men jump higher, run faster, and are physically stronger on average then women. That makes male sports more entertaining. Take basketball, people like to see dunks. Almost every nba player can dunk . In the wnba alot of a games go with out seeing dunks. More entertainment means more money thats why men get paid more and should get paid more in professional sports

  • It isn't possible

    There is absolutely no way that women could make close to as much money as men athletes. They don't generate enough fans, memorabilia money, to support that amount of money. The owners would be in debt way too fast just off of the first three players. It is absolutely impossible.

  • No they should not!

    Male pro athletes get paid more because more people go to watch them play and spend more money to watch them play versus female athlete. It is not the athlete that are competing fault that people are more interested in watching male sports than women. At the end of the day, being a professional athlete is a job and the more people find what you are marketing more entertaining the more you should get paid.

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alexarose says2013-07-15T23:56:53.897
People should be payed based on how good they are at the sport, not what gender they are. The best people should be payed the most, regardless of gender.
Bruinshockeyfan says2013-09-15T23:06:21.387
The question says should? Im not asking if its possible.