• Girls are just better

    Girls are born stronger, I always pretty much win in arm wrestles but with girl I always lose, like there is one girl that I can beat in my school. Plus I can't beat my GF at ANYTHING besides Video games

    girls give birth and there is no need for sex anymore, you can make cum if there is samples so boys can worship girls, just an idea...

    Girls are smarter I am in advanced and 75% are girls.

    Girls aren't scared. Girls have it harder in life and are open to more things
    plus another debate says 61% say girls are better...
    And in any other line of species girls are better .. From eating the man. To men serving women.. Why can't we be the same as the rest of the world?

  • They already in power they just don't know it

    I am a male but I believe women are better at almost everything. I do believe they would happily exist without men, they really only need men for pro creation. Its also 2017 so they no longer require us for manual labor.I think they already have the power they just have been keep in the dark about it, but if they knew more women would realize they don't need a man and use men etc. Women are also smarter and more caring just what the world needs, they just do not take the same risks men take.

  • Yes im a boy

    Im a boy and i believe girls rule the world because they give birth and dont have dangling testicles hanging between their legs like we boys do. Women dont need us and they are better at working and learning than we boys. The only thing we boys are good for girls are our dicks. For the rest, girls can do better alone at everything

  • Women have as much right to run the world as men.

    This is over generalized.... Women should not " Run the world" by virtue of having a vagina... But, a woman has an equal claim as a man and if superior or equally qualified, the woman has a claim. Equality is the only way to really have a logical human civilization going forward. Besides, gender will become less relevant in time.

  • Question overgeneralized maybe, but for the US at least Heck Yeah!!!

    Well I cannot speak for the world, but I can speak as a citizen of the country that I unfortunately live in: the united states (of america). Now the nay-sayers can say that I am reading the question incorrectly, and to them I would say simply that I am reinterpreting the question.
    Women have been and still are vastly underrepresented in US government, like somewhere like less than 20% for a demographic that represents 50% of the country. To give you the reader an idea of how bad that is "democratic" Iraq (only in quotation marks because of the instability of the region and the US involvement but still) has women representing about 38% last time I checked on their government statistics. So in an america where affirmative action is very active for racial issues at least, why not for the female population in government. I could honestly see that being justified, but of course affirmative action is an executive order that is made by the presidents of recent past. Either way with the way that the mainstream media was putting down Hillary Clinton & Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential election with the endless hormonal jokes/arguments this is really a tragedy that is plaguing the United States (tragedy being misogyny). So through those eyes I would have to say yes women should rule the united states at least through affirmative action and maybe the world, but we are the most male dominated democracy in the free world and with the level of power we have in international affairs, we have work to do if we are to tell other countries that we do not want them to be practicing other misogynistic practices, because in terms of politics we are only calling the kettle black.

  • Women cannot make the tough calls necessary

    Women are driven by their feelings and emotions which tend to get in the way when in positions of power. They will never run the world. That's how it's always been and will always be. Do you really think we would've advanced as far as we have if women were in charge? America would've never been "discovered". Men are afraid of men, Not women. People can't change reality no matter how hard they try.

  • No absolutely not

    The american people have always had a male leader. The male has always been in power, for very good reasons. Back when women were not allowed to vote there was a reason, the women did not have to lay down her life and go off to war, and yet there 14 year old sons were. The feminist in this world want women to either be completely equal or surpier to men. But that is not possible women didn't even want to join police academies, army, navy, you name it and they wanted no part of it unless you just so happened to have one very independent women. I believe if men started this country then they can end it. The whole reason as to why we have a women running or even as far as she has gotten is because of her so called beliefs, SAME SEX marriage, Women having more rights, basically everything feminists are arguing for to try and put them selves over men is what they are getting. Feminists do not just want equality they want to be surpier. If people vote for hillary look at the person behind the mask, look at what she has done look at who she is married to for holy sake. We now live in a world where every one is confused and can't quite see what is thrown right at there faces. If hilliary wins we are all in for it.

  • Jane Wayne pain

    Star Trek was ruined when Jane took the helm. Just look at the ratings... Where's June Cleaver in this day and age. That's all Ward wanted.... Was someone to take care of his Beaver.
    Hail the Promise Keepers!!!! Lick long and prosper!
    Have my supper ready when I come home dear....

  • Capability and Intelligence.

    Power should be distributed accordingly by intelligence and capability. If a woman candidate for office is intelligent and more capable than her opponent, I plan on voting for her. If a man is running for office is more qualified than his woman opponent, than it is only logical to vote for that man. Or am I just being sexist?

  • The world shouldn't be run by gender, it should be run by people.

    Which it is. It's people that make these choices, I do not believe in "men<women" or "women<men". It's just silly.

    It's sexist to think that women should be the leaders of the world. Everyone should be given the chance to be a leader.

    Why would you only want one gender to rule the world?

  • Yeah sure, step aside men.

    It would be disastrous. Men don't rule the world, the 1% or, the elite, rule the world, and they are made up of men and woman, and in any case, who cares either way. If you are a woman and you want to get in power, go do it. It's a democracy, and you have the right. Stop whining and go do it.

    It's a class issue, not a gender issue.

  • No they shouldn't

    Men shouldn't rule the world and women shouldn't rule the world. The world needs to be a combination of the two where there are compromises. Gender is not necessarily the most important division in our society. Ideals and beliefs tend to be a lot more tighter of bonds then gender.

  • No. Gender shouldn't play a major role in leadership

    Women should be given the same opportunities for positions in world leadership. However, a person should not be selected or rejected as a world leader based on their gender. In a democratic process, politicians are (or should be) elected to serve the public based on demonstrated abilities, their qualifications for the position and on their strengths.

  • No, women should not run the world any more than men should.

    The idea that women should run the world is as inflammatory as the idea that men should, or that any other specific group of people that share a common identity trait should, for that matter. The human world is a shared space by all, and its representatives must be identified by only the characteristic that they are human. If we are to ever break down the barriers that our differences cause, then we must discard all notions that one group is better suited for one task than the other.

  • No, working together is the only way.

    To say that women should run the world is every bit as bad as to say that men should. This old-fashioned 'battle of the sexes' mentality causes nothing but division and, as it's never realistic, diverts energy from any real efforts towards equality. We must work towards true and equal partnership between men and women, not towards either taking precedence.

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