• Yes definitely 100%

    As a woman I know my god given duty is to serve, Submit and obey a husband as men are superior. Women were MADE for men.
    For sex, Company, To serve at home (and additionally whatever the man requests). Most women are happiest when doing so too. Women should serve men at home as men work as breadwinners; I love obeying my husband as a ‘tradwife’.

  • Women are Servants

    Women are biologically meant to make children and serve in the house. They are supposed to do housework such as cooking and cleaning, And are meant to take care of their husband, A husband should provide and give protection to his family and in exchange a wife serves him and listens to his wishes, Making sure everything is ready when he gets home. A women should give respect and be happy while serving him, As she has access to the money he makes and the protection he gives.

  • Depends on how the husband and wife view things

    If I had a husband who worked hard to support me and our children, I'd make sure he's well fed, Happy and nurtured. It's give and take and both partners are doing their part to make things work well. If I go out to work and he is home, I'd probably still do the cooking though because it's something I automatically do. Teamwork

  • The Time of Women's Servitude has Passed

    Women should not be confined to a home simply to bear children, Cook, And provide for the husband, They should be able to choose whether or not they want to. Women may be biologically designed to have children, But not all desire to.
    The ideology that women are inferior is what had misogyny be such a prominent part of the past. It is well past time for women to have an equal chance at life.
    Housework, Cleaning, Cooking, And being inferior is not what women are biologically bred to do, But what society has pushed upon them and forced them to take part in, And that needs to change. In some species of animals and even human cultures around the world, The woman is the leader of the household.
    We need to change our thinking and let them be independent.

  • Its not hard

    Is it really that hard to go in the kitchen and get a snack, Or make some food even clean the dishes? No it really isn’t! It doesn’t take 5 hours it doesn’t make you out of breath. So if you don’t agree with me go in the kitchen and make yourself something and tell me how much of a burden it is. And one more thing you don’t even have to agree with me your going to have a hard time finding a significant other anyway.

  • No women don't have the serve the man.

    The times have changed and women are strong and have always been. They can do just as much as a man. It should never only be the woman serving. And this goes beyond serving. It goes to jobs, Society, Everything. Men and women should be equal because women are not only there for chores. They are meant for better things!

  • This is outdated and wrong!

    Women are people too! This is, Or at least should be, An objective fact. No one is biologically made for the sole purpose of "serving" a different gender. This ideology is incredibly outdated and misogynist, And to anyone who believes that women should serve the men in their lives I would just like to say: "Ok Boomer. "

  • When it is that time of the month women are best to be left quarantined in their rooms and they are unfit to serve men

    Yes, Women should serve men, But not all the time, Which is why I am voting no. Women are unfit to serve men during their heavy flow days, Where they become irrational and will likely make mistakes while attempting to serve. Women should be isolated from the rest of society during their heavy flow days and quarantined in their rooms until 'that time of the month' is over whereby they can resume servicing their husbands.

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