• Yes, women should shave

    I believe all women should shave, for several reasons. First of all, shaving is part of good hygiene. If a woman does not shave her armpits, she will bring in more odor. Same goes for other parts of the body. Also, women should shave because It's the feminine thing to do. Women are feminine, men are masculine. If women stopped shaving, who would know the difference anymore?

  • YES

    nobody wants to see a hairy woman. This is not only my opinion, but I am sure if you asked numerous people you walk up to, they would agree. A hairy woman is frowned upon in society and has been for a long time therefore it is the higher opinion all around. Shave.

  • Yes, the main reason being that if your man wants to go down on you it will smell more if you don't shave.

    Of course, if your man doesn't go down on you, then I guess it doesn't really matter. In that case it's only the way it looks that counts and that is up to each individual to decide. Do ask yourself though, if your man doesn't go down on you, why doesn't he? Most men that don't (or do it rarely) will not do it because of the reason I've mentioned.

  • Yes (their legs)

    A woman should be able to show off her legs with a skirt or shorts (or skorts) or bikini. A woman's legs are supposed to be attractive and hair on the body is associated with the male sex. Hair under the arm, or around the pubic area, should be trimmed.

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  • Yes shave it's good

    Shaving your armpit is good because it looks better I personally like shaving my armpits but I don't really think people should if they didn't want to I started shaving at 11 because other people would make fun of me and I was self cossions I also respect people who don't shave

  • Yes.. Women Should Shave

    I Understand That Hair On Your Body You May Not Make You Feel Comfortable Maybe Because You Can See The Hair Yourself, Or Because Its Dark, Or Someone Has Seen It.
    Therefore Yes Shave Because You Should Be Comfortable With You're Body. And Be Happy With It. SO YES!!! :)

  • Yes women should shave.

    Although it should be every woman's choice on what they do, women should shave as it gives a sleeker look almost like a final finish to their bodies. Most hair traps sweat and can actually make you stink worse then you do, so by removing it you can help control your odor.

  • Yes, Women Should Shave

    Women in American culture (U.S.) should shave because it is considered to be a hallmark of femininity. However, it should not be an actual requirement that women should have to shave because some women do not want to and others do not need to. Whether or not a woman shaves should be totally up to her, but most women in the U.S. should shave because it is "the norm."

  • Yes, Women Should Shave

    In most countries, it is tradition for women to shave. The decision, however, is not the act, but the result. If that woman. and ultimately society feels that not shaving is acceptable and attractive, then that is up to that individual. Shaving is just another stage of the grooming process, and should be considered no differently than cutting hair, bathing, or a man shaving or trimming his facial hair. It all should be based on what that person feels makes them feel best and is most attractive.

  • Does it matter?

    Whether you shave your hair or not, you're still human and it's wrong to say that women MUST shave. No matter if you shave your legs, pits ... You will be loved just the way you are. And growing hair is natural. Everyone grows hair, and if you don't shave, it's no problem.
    Apperance shouldn't matter.

  • Adult women have hair. I like hair.

    I would not want to go down on a woman who shaves. It would be like going down on a little girl. I am not a pedophile. It is great to play with the hair with your fingers or tongue. I am against people doing things just because other people think they should. Women never used to shave so why should they do it now?
    I am also horrified at the number of men who shave but this is about women so enough said about men.
    I think women can look great with really short hair or shaved heads but that is not the hair we are talking about.

  • No way ugh

    Why do we always get pushed by idiotic society to shave!? It makes no sense. Women can do whatever they want to. I don't shave. No one cares honestly. If men don't have to shave then why should women have to? Feminine is just a word. It is not the 1920s anymore.

  • I dont believe that women should have to shave if they dont want to

    Even if your in a relationship with someone you should be able to look past sexual based things like shaving if you dont chastise your man about it then you shouldnt have to. Some people just like to do it for themselves but it wouldnt be an overstatement to say that if it was socially acceptable for women to not look soft and smooth then no one would do it. Over all its a personally choice and if you dont you should feel good about yourself for being able to look past social standards that is rooted on being sexually attractive.

  • God!!!!!!!! Not this again!

    We, as women are entitled to whatever we want to do with our body. If we want to shave then we can shave! If we don't want to then thats also great! Feminism is fighting for freedom for both genders! The control over our own bodies is freedom! We need to kill the patriarchy and fight against the choking pressures of society.

  • Hairy is sexy

    Women are supposed to have hair. I can't stand when women shave the public area. That is a deal breaker! I can't get turned on when it's bald. Little girls are bald women have hair. Armpit and hair leg are sexy too. I love women natural, the way they were intended to be

  • Women really shouldn't HAVE to.

    Your appearance shouldn't matter to anyone. It's all about personality. Just because a women doesn't shave, doesn't mean she's the most rudest person ever, because she's most likely super nice since she's super brave to not care what society thinks. Hair is natural. Most men don't shave, so why do women have to?

  • Its really annoying

    Shaving takes too long to do especially if the woman shaves EVERYTHING! And also i have a boyfriend who could care less if i shave or not.

    I also dont plan on sucking or "going down" on him soo. And us women shouldnt be shamed if we don't shave. Its natural and meant to be there. Im sure if shaving wasnt invented women wouldnt care.

  • Only if they feel uncomfortable

    Personally I think a beautiful woman with hairy pits is so hot ! My wife lets hers grow in the winter and I love it. As far as smell, if you wash regularly it's not a problem, man or woman. More men like women with hairy pits than you might think.

  • Most women do it because of societal pressure

    I personally don't see the point in shaving because why is it that a woman has to shave to be more feminine. As a woman, I feel like I'm forced to shave or else "men won't be attracted to me" (even though I'm gay). When I talk to my other female friends, They also tell me that they feel ugly if they don't shave because that's what society force feeds us.

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