• Women should shave their arms.

    Most people today thing that armpit hair is unsightly. Women should shave their armpits if they are going to reveal them in public. It is part of good grooming, and it's my hygienic. In general, women look better with shaved body hair. This is why they shave their legs, also.

  • Sexual selection forces it!

    I don't really know what actually causes men to be attracted to hairless women but it has to have an explanation in evolutionary psychology which can explain human behaviour that can be seen strange. Even if they have not found anything on this yet, it doesn't mean there isn't any.
    So, men doesn't like hair in women, then shaving is needed for women in order to attract the best male to mate.

  • To look more feminine

    I have shaved my arms since I was 13. We have soft, delicate skin for a reason. It makes us look soft, sweet, and sexy. Recently I started waxing because I couldn't stand how the hair felt when it started growing back. It just LOOKS and Feels better if our arms are soft, smooth, and hairless. One of my personal pet peeves are when a girl has beautifully, silky legs, perfect makeup, perfect hair and beautifully manicured nails, and hairy arms. It's just like, HELLO, you just ruined the ENTIRE look you worked SO hard to create. Come on girls this the the 21st Century! Defuzz your beautiful skin, and let your beautiful, femininity shine through

  • Only if necessary

    If a woman does not have many hairs or hairs of substantial length, it is obviously at her discretion whether or not to shave. For some women, it may be necessary to have the hairs removed in order to avoid being uncomfortable around others (or herself) for having a "masculine" aspect.

  • Just more shaving than needed.

    If you shave your arms you have to keep up with it or your arms are prickly. It already takes enough work to shave you underarms and legs, why add more to it? Unless you feel like you really need to, I suggest you don't. I did once and immediately regretted it. No it seems thicker and slightly darker

  • No because I shaved mine and it came back darker

    I shaved my arms and the hair came back darker and maybe even thicker than before it was a big mistake I shaved my arms because I thought they were hairy and I didn't want my crush to think I had really hairy arms so I shaved them BIG MISTAKE IT TAKES FOREVER FOR THE HAIR TO COME BACK😭😭😭😭

  • People should do what they want

    Men and women should do what they want when shaving, but in my opinion shaving your arms is a bad idea. This is because women will have to shave there arms everyday, unless they want there arms to be prickly, and that takes up a lot of time. Also, it's up to ourselves whether or not we want to shave.

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